You asked: How to get free internet on jio by code?

  1. Download Rozdhan App from here.
  2. Open The App & Signup Using Mobile Number.
  3. Verify your Mobile Number Using OTP.
  4. Use Referral Code 09BZ0Q.
  5. Complete The Signup process Using Email, DOB Etc.
  6. Go to Menu and Tap on Rewards Option.
  7. Transfer your earned money to Paytm.

Quick Answer, how can I get free 1GB data on Jio?

  1. First of All Download or Update My Jio App From Play Store. :
  2. Now Open app and Login Using your Jio Mobile Number.
  3. On Dashboard, Click “More” option from Top Right > click on JIO Engage.
  4. Open Jio Engage & You Will See “Jio Cadbury Free 1GB Banner“.

People ask also, is Jio free from 2am to 5am in 2021? Jio users can enjoy 4G data for absolutely free between 2 am and 5am daily. This means the data that they consume between these hours will not get deducted from their daily allowance.

Amazingly, is Jio to Jio free? The free Jio calling comes as Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) ends the IUC (interconnect usage charges) regime in the telecom sector. … On-network or Jio-to-Jio calls have been free since the start, as were Jio-to-landline calls.

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Correspondingly, how can I get 1.5 GB extra in Jio?

  1. Login to MyJio app and scroll down to My Voucher section.
  2. Tap on ‘Redeem’ icon in My Voucher section.
  3. Tap on ‘Redeem’ at the bottom to complete the process.
  4. Confirm redemption of the voucher.
  5. Congratulations! Your voucher has been successfully redeemed.

How can I get free internet?

The FCC Lifeline program can provide reduced-cost or even no-cost internet access. You can go to the Lifeline Support site to check your eligibility and to apply to the program. You can also check out our in-depth analysis of government programs for free and low-cost internet.

Is Jio free at night 2021?

Terms and conditions for Jio prepaid and postpaid plans Here, the voice is completely free. In other words, you will not be charged anything towards the voice usage or the data put to use for making 4G voice calls. All “Unlimited at Night” offers pertain to 4G data that is used between 2am – 5am.

How can I get free data?

  1. Gigato. Probably one of the best known apps in the category, Gigato has been around for a while and allows users to “earn” data on the app, which can then be redeemed from your carrier.
  2. Earn Talktime.
  3. Paytunes.
  4. My Ads (India)
  5. Recharging your phone.

At what time Jio data is free?

Jio Support The daily data pack will be renewed around midnight between 00:00 hrs and 02:00 hrs. To check exact renewal time, please refer to MyJio app or call 1991.

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Is Airtel free at night?

Free internet data which you will get is available for Airtel prepaid users. Free data up to 1.2 GB, which you can be used only at night (from 12 AM to 6 AM) at the existing speed which the user has subscribed to.

Can I recharge Jio only for data?

Jio provides free domestic voice calling anywhere in India, to any operator, across all its recharge plans, so, there are no different plans specifically for data.

How do I get 10gb data on Jio?

Dial 1299 Toll-Free Number from your Jio number. After the call gets connected, just listen to all the instructions, if you get any choice to claim the data, tap that. Now, You’ll get 10 GB of add-on pack after the call is disconnected and to claim that use MyJio app.

Can I recharge 10rs in Jio?

You will have the option to select a suitable IUC TOP-UP voucher starting at Rs 10, that can be used to make such non-Jio calls. This recovery of IUC will continue only until the IUC charge is made zero by TRAI. … You also have the option to recharge with earlier packs for next 30 days by visiting

Is Jio free for 3 months?

Not just this, the operator also announced a new offer dubbed as ‘Jio Summer Surprise Offer’, which adds three more months of free unlimited data, calls, SMS and other services to those subscribed to Jio Prime.

How activate Jio 4G data voucher?

  1. Step 1: Launch MyJio app on your device and log-in.
  2. Step 2: Now, scroll down to ‘My Voucher’ section at the bottom.
  3. Step 3: Select any of the plans that you wish to activate and proceed to pay. That’s it.
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Is there any one day plan in Jio?

Jio prepaid recharge plan priced at ₹ 19 Reliance Jio’s prepaid plan priced at ₹ 19 offers 0.15GB of 4G high speed data for one day. The internet speed gets reduced to 64Kbps once the data limit is exhausted. Free and unlimited local, STD and roaming voice calls are also available with this plan.

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