You asked: How to check jazz late night internet package remaining mbs?

To avail Monthly Night Internet Package, dial *117*34# from your Jazz number. Ho to check remaining MBs? User can activate these bundles at any time of the day. To check remaining incentive and validity, dial the bundle status code for Rs.

You asked, how can I check my jazz Internet package? You can check bundle status by dialling *117*4*2# or visit Jazz World app to find out the remaining MBs and validity.

Frequent question, how can I check my jazz Daily extreme MB? Jazz daily internet package extreme ko use kartay howay agar ap apnay remaining internet MBs check karna cahtay hain tu ap ko Jazz daily extreme package status check code *757*2# dial karna ho ga.

Also the question is, how can I get 5 GB in jazz?

  1. Subscription. Fee Rs.99 (Incl. tax)
  2. Subscription. Code Dial *660#
  3. Validity Weekly.
  4. Status. Code *660*2#

Subsequently, how can I check my remaining MB on Jazz 3 days?

  1. To Subscribe: Dial *114*14#
  2. Check Remaining MB’s: Dial *114*14*2#
  1. Subscription Fee Rs.327 (Incl. Tax)
  2. Subscription Code *506#
  3. Validity Weekly.
  4. Status Code *506*2#
  5. Bundle Information Code *506*3#
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How do I subscribe to jazz late night?

Upon dialing *742#, customer will be subscribed to the offer for the usage window of 11 PM – 9 AM. Bundle is non-recursive and multiple subscriptions are allowed. In case of multiple subscriptions, previous incentive will be added and new validity will be applicable. Limited time offer, it is subject to change anytime.

How can I save jazz balance?

  1. Subscription Fee Rs.0.
  2. Subscription Code Dial *275#
  3. Unsubscribe Dial *275*4#
  4. Validity 30 Day (Recursive)

What is daily extreme package of jazz?

Jazz Daily Extreme Offer gives you a lot of data to quench your data thirst. The offer is available in just Rs. 15. … After subscribing to this offer, users will get 2GB of data to use in a day.

How can I check my jazz 5000 MB?

Subscribers of Jazz Monthly Premium internet package can check their remaining MBs by dialing this simple code: *117*30*2#.

What is social MBs in jazz?

Jazz Weekly Social bundle lets you connect with your loved one for a whole week. After subscribing to this offer, users will get 5 GB of data to use for Facebook, WhatsApp and IMO. To subscribe to this offer, Jazz users need to dial *660# and they will get 5GB for a whole week.

How can I check my remaining MB on jazz 4g?

To check bundle usage & expiry dial *117*9*2# from MBB Device or *6363# from MBB Device or Jazz Prepaid Contact No. SMS notification messages will be sent to MBB number and Other Contact No.

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How can I check my remaining MBs in jazz weekly 20gb?

Jazz Weekly Streamer Offer has 1 GB of internet for one week in RS 95 to subscribe to this weekly net package dial *117*7# and Check Remaining MB’s: Dial *117*7*2#.

How can I check my jazz 20gb Internet package?

  1. Subscription. Fee Rs.525 (Incl. tax)
  2. Subscription. Code *117*32#
  3. Validity 30 Days.
  4. Status. Code *117*32*2#

How do I subscribe for 3 Day Extreme Internet?

How to Subscribe for the Jazz 3 Day Extreme Package? The offer is simple to subscribe to just dial *114*14# and subscribers can easily enjoy this offer.

How can I check Jazz remaining MBs 25 GB?

  1. Bundle status code: *453*2# (for Checking remaining MBs)
  2. Bundle information Code: *453*3#

How can I check my Jazz 700 package?

  1. Subscription. Fee Rs.170 (Incl. Tax)
  2. Subscription. Code *700#
  3. Validity Weekly.
  4. Unsubscribe *700*4#
  5. Status. Code *700*2#
  6. Info. Code *700*3#

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