You asked: How do you say internet in spanish?

Internet: Internet. nube; Internet.

You asked, how do you say Internet website in Spanish?

  1. About Computers. More computer cards:
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  6. Internet Verbs.

Similarly, is Internet in Spanish feminine? According to the Real Academia Española de la Lengua (, “internet” is an ambiguous noun, which means that it can be either feminine or masculine. It can also be written with capital “I” because it is a place or space, just like a country or a city. … By association, “internet” is masculine.

Considering this, is Internet in Spanish masculine or feminine? Internet is a feminine noun HOWEVER it normally appears without the article LA. Also the first letter of the word is a capital letter.

Moreover, why is Internet called La Red? “La red” means “the net” and is used commonly. “El internet” is also an international term, used commonly.

What does form mean in Spanish?

formar. More Spanish words for form. formar verb. train, shape, educate, make up, marshal. la forma noun.

What Sitio means in English?

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A sitio (Spanish for “site”) in the Philippines is a territorial enclave that forms part of a barangay. … Sitios are similar to puroks, but the latter are more urban and closer to the center of the barangay, especially the barangay hall. The term is derived from the Spanish word sitio meaning “place”.

Is la Internet or El?

“La Internet” is a form of “Internet”, a noun which is often translated as “Internet”. “El” is a form of “el”, a definite article which is often translated as “the”.

What gender is Internet in Spanish?

la/el Internet — Internet — The general rule is that nouns imported from other languages are masculine unless there’s a reason for making them feminine. In this case, the feminine is often used because the word for a computer network (red) is feminine.

Does Internet have an article in Spanish?

ORTOGR. Will this happen in English? I actually didn’t know it had to be spelled with caps, hmmmm.

Is L Internet masculine or feminine in French?

  1. Internet is masculine (although it never has an article) eg: J’aime passer du temps ‎sur Internet – I like spending time on the internet.‎
  2. le week-end – weekend.
  3. le sandwich – sandwich.

What is descargar English?

download, (to) download, downloaded.

What is Red LA?

ORIGIN: Red La Soda is a deep red mutant of La Soda, a variety developed by the Louisiana potato breeding program in 1948. … CHARACTERISTICS: Red La Soda is a main season cultivar that is primarily grown in the southeastern U.S. It is harvested in the winter months as a fresh market variety.

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What does Red Social mean in English?

noun. a network of personal or business contacts on the Internet.

What are Internet slang words?

  1. Hashtag. Many websites and blogs use tags to make it easier to search for content.
  2. DM (Direct Message)
  3. RT (Retweet)
  4. AMA (Ask Me Anything)
  5. Bump.
  6. Troll.
  7. Lurker.
  8. IMHO (In My Humble Opinion)

What is an wi-fi?

Wi-Fi is the wireless technology used to connect computers, tablets, smartphones and other devices to the internet. The device transmits a radio signal back to the router, which connects to the internet by wire or cable. …

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