Who owns iinet internet?

iiNet was successfully acquired by TPG Telecom in September 2015 in a $1.56 billion deal. The merger created Australia’s second largest internet service provider.

Subsequently, is iiNet Chinese owned? iiNet Limited is an Australian internet service provider offering a wide range of NBN plans and services on its own ULTRA Broadband Cable, FTTB and VDSL2 networks. … iiNet was acquired by TPG in September 2015 for $1.56 billion, but retained its retail brand name in the market.

Beside above, is iiNet part of Telstra? Since being acquired by TPG, iiNet has become part of the second-largest telco family in Australia, challenging the big guys Telstra and Optus. While iiNet’s roots remain in fixed line broadband, the telco also offers a simple suite of SIM-only prepaid mobile phone plans.

Amazingly, is iiNet an Australian company? iiNet is an industry-leading Australian internet provider with services available nationwide. … With our wide range of NBN plans and our own ULTRA Broadband Cable, FTTB & VDSL2 networks, we make it easy for Aussies to connect to great-value broadband.

Additionally, does iiNet own TPG? iiNet was successfully acquired by TPG Telecom in September 2015 in a $1.56 billion deal. The merger created Australia’s second largest internet service provider.

  1. Aussie Broadband.
  2. Boost Mobile.
  3. Dodo.
  4. Exetel.
  5. Flip.
  6. Kogan.
  7. Mate.
  8. Moose Mobile.
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What Internet provider does iiNet use?

Since iiNet is using the Optus 4G network, service is currently available only in the Sydney, Perth, Melbourne and Newcastle metro areas. Telstra’s 4G service has a much wider footprint (“more than 100 metropolitan and regional centres, including all capital cities”).

Is iiNet better than Telstra?

Consumer watchdogs CHOICE recently published the results of their Best NBN Providers report, and found iiNet at the top of the heap. Combining real-world speed tests and customer satisfaction scores, iiNet sits in first place above TPG, Telstra and Optus – in that order.

Who is CEO of iiNet?

iiNet’s CEO, Michael Malone, said it was important that the Internet Service Provider maintained its support of local agencies.

Is TPG owned by China?

China Telecom (Australia) Corporation Limited which is primarily owned and controlled by the Communist Government of China, and the banned Chinese Company Huawei, are doing a roaring business in Australia via carriers such as Optus, AAPT and TPG.

What network does TPG use?

TPG Network Coverage TPG currently uses the Vodafone network, but that is about to change. The company announced in May 2018 that it will initially launch its network as a data-only service, primarily focused on the capital cities and covering around 80% of Australians.

Who owns Internode?

Acquisition by iiNet On 22 December 2011, Western Australian based internet service provider iiNet announced the acquisition of Internode in a deal worth $105 million. The two companies continue to manage two separate brands and operate separately.

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Is iiNet and Internode the same company?

iiNet and Internode are both wholly owned subsidiaries of TPG Telecom Limited. They follow Telstra, Optus and TPG in providing undertakings to the ACCC for misleading customers into paying a price for a service they could not receive.

Is TPG owned by Telstra?

Telstra, TPG Telecom Ltd (TPG’s parent company) and SingTel Optus (Optus’ parent company) are the three largest internet service providers in Australia.

Which NBN provider is the best?

  1. Best NBN provider score. Aussie Broadband: 89% Exetel: 85% Telstra: 83% TPG: 83% iiNet: 82% Optus: 82%
  2. Overall NBN satisfaction. Aussie Broadband: 88% Exetel: 78% Vodafone: 77% TPG: 76% iiNet: 76% Telstra: 74%
  3. NBN speed score. Optus: 91% Exetel: 91% Telstra: 91% TPG: 91% Aussie Broadband: 90%

Is Telstra Chinese owned?

Telstra is owned by Australians, pure and simple. Since the government floated it (put it up for sale on the ASX) the company has supported mum and dad investors across the country with strong dividend performance.

Who does belong use as a carrier?

Our mobile network is made possible by Telstra, giving you access to parts of a 3G and 4G network that provides coverage to 98.8% of the population with 3G and 97.9% of the population with 4G. We’re also Australia’s first carbon neutral telco, so you can overindulge in our great coverage, guilt-free.

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