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We cannot guarantee uninterrupted and error-free Windstream service. The network speed and availability will vary according to the network, user location, and terrain. Installation is free for only some packages applicable on availability basis. Monthly equipment fees apply. The Windstream modems offered will be applicable for wireless networking. However, you may not experience speeds as advertised. Many factors cause network disruptions. If you wish to cancel the Windstream services, the modem should be returned or a fee of $100 will be charged. If you are a new Windstream customer and you cancel your Windstream service before 30 days then necessary refund policy will be applied. You can contact the Windstream customer service for further details


Services are not available in certain areas of TX, FL, and CA. Around $75 installation charge is applicable for all the plans(may vary based on the current offer). The internet speed of the Frontier will vary from what is advertised based on various factors. If you cancel any of the promotional services, then all the other services will also be canceled. A cancellation fee will be applicable. After the 2-year promotional period, the prices will go back to the original price nullifying the promotional offer. If you have opted for a bundled service, then your Amazon Prime will automatically renew after the offer period. You can terminate it by navigating to ‘Your Account’ section


The CenturyLink Internet speeds may vary according to various external factors as well as especially when accessed from many devices. The maximum speed of CenturyLink internet that is available is 940 mbps. The modem that is offered by CenturyLink Internet is charged at $15/month or a one-time payment of $150 (again prices may change as per the current offer). If you want a secured Wi-Fi connection, an additional monthly charges may apply. Installation fee up to $150 might be applicable. If you terminate the internet service, there may or may not be cancellation fee, however, you must be in good standing with the company. There won’t be any refunds for the rest of the service days. The CenturyLink internet service continues to renew monthly unless you cancel the service if you have opted for prepayment option