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Viasat Internet is a high-speed satellite internet provider. If you are located in a rural area, and cables are unable to reach you, then Viasat offers you internet accessibility through the satellite. Available at highly affordable rates, users can reach out to Viasat for high-speed internet into their area


May 1986

The co-foundation of this High-speed satellite internet was laid by Mark Dankberg, Mark Miller and Steve Hart


There was a move to the Headquarters at Carlsbad, California


Viasat also bought US Monolithics, a firm dedicated to the design of high-frequency broadband circuits, for about $30 million

March 2001

The company won a $16 million agreement with WildBlue Communications to construct WildBlue satellite modems to promote the original service launch. And Viasat also had the second opportunity to sign a contract with WildBlue Communications

December 2009

Viasat also had the opportunity of acquiring WildBlue for $568 million in cash and stock on 15th of Decembe


Viasat began providing broadband internet service in the name of the Exede from 2012

Are There Any Viasat Internet Contracts

  • As a supplier of satellite internet, Viasat does not ask you to sign any contract
  • Yet, to skip this contract, you need to pay
  • Viasat high-speed satellite internet needs you to pay a $300 as a no-long-term contract premium
  • We recommend this if you do not with to change your high-speed internet provider for atleast 2 years or more
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Viasat Internet Plans

Shift from cable to Viasat for some huge savings and high-speed satellite internet with flexible plans

Do I have to Install the Equipment by Myself?

  • No, you don’t have to do it by yourself
  • Viasat requires a Modem and a satellite dish
  • A skilled technician will install the equipment at your premises

This also includes setting up the dish on your terrace and your modem

Should I buy the Equipment

Viasat leases the equipment to you thus avoiding heavy expenses. Also, you have choices to opt from

1.Lifetime Lease   2.Month-to-month lease

  • If you pay the fee every month then it is Month-to-month Lease.
  • Subsequently, Viasat High-speed internet charges $9.99 per month
  • You have to pay this amount until you return the equipment.
  • For the Lifetime Lease planyou will have to make a one-time payment of $299
  • Additionally, the lifetime Lease period is for 30 months.
  • Significantly, many people maintain their service for more than two and a half years
How to Get Viasat in Just Three Steps
  • Choose a plan

    From the satellite internet plans that you see above, make sure you analyze them and choose the best for you.

  • Fix the time of installation

    You will be asked to provide preferable timings for the installation

  • Enjoy Viasat High-speed satellite internet

    After all the installation is complete, you can almost enjoy streaming, playing, browsing and many more using Viasat

Significantly, Data is Unlimited!

Unlimited data

  • Choose from across 3 to 4 unlimited data plans
  • Each of these plans is categorized according to the video streaming quality and speed
  • With the addition of Viasat-2 satellite, customers can now confidently subscribe to unlimited data plans
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What are Liberty Plans

  • Liberty plans are equally important high-speed Internet satellite
  • Even when you exceed the monthly data allowance, you can continue using download speeds of 1 to 5Mbps
  • Subsequently,  ensure you use the Viasat browser and stop excessive data usage by activiating the adblocking feature

Liberty Plans

Avail of a price lock for up to 2 years when you subscribe to the Liberty Plans

Liberty 12

$50 per month
  • This plan starts at a monthly basis of $50
  • The internet significantly speeds up to 12 Mbps
  • Furthermore, the data cap is between 35-40 GB
  • Significantly, you can enjoy streaming videos streaming at 360p in this plan

Liberty 25

$75 per month
  • First of all, this plan starts at a rate of $75 per month
  • You have a 25 GB Priority data option when you opt for this plan
  • Above all, you get built-in Wi-Fi without paying extra
  • phone calls do not take up data charges

Liberty 50

$100 per month
  • In this plan, internet speeds are up to 50 Mbps
  • you also have 50GB priority data and a built-in Wi-Fi
  • similarly you have the EasyCare service with this also
  • According to your residence, the price for installation may vary

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