Question: How to find ip address of jenkins server?

Through the Script Console (Manage Jenkins -> Nodes -> Select a node -> Script Console) of the node we can execute groovy script. Run the following command to get the IP address. To get the actual IP address (as requested originally) I used the Script Console, but executed println InetAddress. localHost.

Best answer for this question, where is my Jenkins host?

  1. Goto Jenkins Master Dashboard page.
  2. Click Manage Jenkins.
  3. Click Manage Nodes.
  4. Click Any Slave Machine.
  5. Click Log.

As many you asked, how do I change my IP address in Jenkins? In your jenkins Dashboard go to Manage Jenkins > Configure System. Under Jenkins Location set the Jenkins URL to the new IP address of your server computer. Save changes.

Beside above, how do I access Jenkins console? Running Script Console on the controller This feature can be accessed from “Manage Jenkins” > “Script Console”. Or by visiting the sub-URL /script on your Jenkins instance.

Likewise, how do I access Jenkins master? Launch Method: Select Launch agent via Java Web Start. If you fail to find this option, go to Manage Jenkins → Configure Global Security and make sure that radio button Random is selected for TCP port for JNLP agents and Enable Slave → Master Access Control is checked.

  1. Navigate to Jenkins Web Interface > Login as Admin > Manage Jenkins > Configure Global Security.
  2. Select checkbox to enable security.
  3. Set TCP port for JNLP slave agents to 9000.
  4. Select LDAP from the Access Control (Security Realm) section and enter your LDAP server address:
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What is the Jenkins URL?

What is Jenkins URL? This option, by default, depicts the HTTP address of Jenkins installation in the form of localhost i.e. http://localhost:8080/jenkins/. We can write DNS (Domain Name) of our machine or overwrite the localhost with the IP address of the machine.

Where is Jenkins configuration file?

  1. Each job store its related builds data in the directory {JENKINS_HOME}/jobs/{JOBNAME}
  2. Each job folder contains: The job configuration file is {JENKINS_HOME}/jobs/{JOBNAME}/config. xml.

How do I get system information from Jenkins dashboard?

In the Jenkins dashboard, click Manage Jenkins from the left hand side menu. Then click on ‘Configure System’ from the right hand side. In the Home directory, you will now see the new directory which has been configured.

Where is console output in Jenkins?

View the console output: From the Jenkins dashboard, click the job link name from the table. Click the build number in the Build History table in the sidebar. If you need to send the console output to Perforce Support, send it as plain text. Click View as plain text in the sidebar menu.

What is Groovy in Jenkins?

Within a Pipeline Project (read plugin), Jenkins introduces a domain-specific language (DSL) based on ‘Groovy’, which can be used to define a new pipeline as a script. The flow that would typically require many “standard” Jenkins jobs chained together, can be expressed as a single script.

What is Groovy file in Jenkins?

The Jenkins file is a base code for Jenkins which executes it as a Groovy script in Jenkins script console. Anatomy of Jenkins File. The first line shebang defines the file as a Groovy language script: #!/usr/bin/env groovy. In-line Pipeline files do not have a shebang because it is supplied internally.

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Does Jenkins run on Tomcat?

To install Jenkins on Tomcat, simply copy jenkins. war to $TOMCAT_HOME/webapps , then access http://yourhost/jenkins . If you are running Tomcat just to host Jenkins, then remove everything from $TOMCAT_HOME/webapps , and place jenkins.

Does Jenkins have an API?

Jenkins provides machine-consumable remote access API to its functionalities. Currently it comes in three flavors: XML. JSON with JSONP support.

What is master in Jenkins?

Jenkins Master. The Jenkins master is in charge of scheduling the jobs, assigning slaves, and sending builds to slaves to execute the jobs. It’ll also keep track of the slave state (offline or online) and retrieve the build result responses from slaves and display them on the console output.

What is a Jenkins server?

Jenkins is an open source automation server. It helps automate the parts of software development related to building, testing, and deploying, facilitating continuous integration and continuous delivery. It is a server-based system that runs in servlet containers such as Apache Tomcat.

What is Jenkins configuration?

The configure system page is a critical configuration part. This screen represents a variety of sections, each correlating to a different configuration area from generic Jenkins settings, global environment variables, and most installed plugins are configured on this page.

How do I manually start Jenkins?

  1. To stop: jenkins.exe stop.
  2. To start: jenkins.exe start.
  3. To restart: jenkins.exe restart.

How do I start Jenkins Server on Windows?

  1. Run CMD with admin.
  2. You can run following commands. “net start servicename” to start. “net restart servicename” to restart. “net stop servicename” to stop service.
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How do I find my config file?

Windows Config Files Windows users will find the hosts file in c:windowssystem32driversetc. You can open it by double-clicking the mouse and selecting Notepad from the list of suggested apps. This is all you need to view and edit config files like hosts.

Where is Jenkins user database?

You can access files in this directory at http://myserver/hudson/userContent (if you are running Jenkins on an application server) or http://myserver/userContent (if you are running in stand-alone mode). If you are using the native Jenkins user database, user accounts will be stored in this directory.

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