Question: How to connect zong internet?

  1. Via Sms. Send a text message to 2161 short code to get Internet internet settings of your handset: *SMS is free of cost Procedure: Send “all” to 2161 Once settings are received then enter pin code 1234 & press install button to save the settings.
  2. Manual. WAP. APN.
  3. Call 310.

How can I activate Zong Internet SIM?

  1. Go to your nearest CSC/Franchise or a Zong retailer and get your internet SIM.
  2. Internet SIM can only be activated with a bundle so at the time of purchase Zong representative will activate a bundle of your choice and your Internet SIM will be ready to use.

How can I activate Zong 4G?

  1. Dial *6767# from your Zong master number.
  2. Use the device interface (To access device Web UI type 192.168. 8.1 in the browser of Laptop/Mobile while you are connected to the MBB device)
  3. Use myZong app.
  4. Or visit Zong’s nearest Franchise/CSC/Retailer.

What is Zong MBB number?

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ZONG MBB NUMBER All Zong Mobile Broadband devices have a special Data only SIM card packed with the device. This SIM is called MBB number and is used in the MBB device you have purchased. You cannot use this SIM in any mobile phone since voice is blocked on this SIM and only internet and SMS/USSD is enabled on it.

How connect Zong 4G bolt?

  1. Plug n play.
  2. Connects to any USB power source.
  3. Supports 10 Wifi devices/users with password protection.
  4. Enjoy unmatched 4G (LTE) speeds.

How activate Zong 30gb Internet?

  1. To Activate: Dial *6464#
  2. To Check Remaining Mbs: Dial *102#

How can I check my Zong Internet MBs?

There is a simple USSD code for checking Zong remaining Data and MBs. Users can check their remaining Zong MBs and Internet data by following the easy method. All you have to do is Dial *102# and you will receive a summary of the remaining resources.

How can I subscribe Zong 10gb?

  1. Activation points: *567#, 310 Smart IVR, My Zong APP, *310#, E-Care, Online Shop.
  2. By dialing *567# (Rs.
  3. There will be no Pro-Rata on Add-Ons/Bundles and it will be charged on full price.
  4. The Add-On/Bundle validity will be till end of billing cycle.
  5. Postpaid – SMS-Add ons are auto-recursive.

Is Zong device free?

Hi, Only New Prepaid MBB Customers will get free (bolt, bolt+) device if 6 Months or 12 Months bundle is activated at the time of sale from Zong CSC or Franchise from 11th January till 20th January 2021. … In Prepaid MBB 12 months Bundle, get 75GB+ 25GB (4AM to 4PM)/month for 12 months in Rs 22000.

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How can I check my own Zong number?

  1. Dial *8# to find your Zong number or you can dial *100# to check it.
  2. You can also check it by sending a message to 667. Type MNP in the message body.
  3. Call Zong helpline to find out your mobile sim number.

How can I login Zong WIFI?

(HTTP:// Customer can access Zong Mobile Broadband device portal by connecting MBB device through Wifi to laptop/Mobile/Pc or plugging in the MBB Device through cable, portal page will pop-up. In case of delay, type 192.168. 8.1 in URL or Address bar to access portal.

How do I check my SIM data?

Open the text message application on your phone. Type in your CNIC number without any hyphens. Once done, send this message to 668. You will soon receive a reply via text message showing you the total number of active SIM cards against each operator issued on your CNIC.

How can I use Zong MBB SIM in mobile?

  1. Dial *6363# from your Zong MBB number.
  2. Select MBB Bundles.
  3. Select the bundles you want to activate.
  4. Inset the MBB SIM back in the Zong Mobile broad band device to use the data services.

How do you use a bolt WiFi?

  1. Navigate to the Settings page in the ELEMNT App with the ELEMNT actively paired (see instructions).
  2. Scroll down to WiFi and select WiFi Network.
  3. Select a network ID from the list, then enter the password if prompted.

Which WiFi device is best in Pakistan?

  1. Jazz Super 4G Device.
  2. PTCL Charji Evo Device.
  3. Telenor 4G Device.
  4. Zong 4G Device.
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Is Zong device refundable?

The customer has right to claim refund to security at the time of disconnection of services after adjustment of pending dues.

How can I subscribe Zong 25 GB?

Zong – Super Weekly Max lets you enjoy 25GB Data with 10GB just for YouTube. Dial *220# and subscribe now! | Facebook.

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