Question: How does hive work without internet?

If your heating or hub is offline, your Hive app will show you and tell you what’s going wrong. … As long as your Hive receiver doesn’t show a red status light, your thermostat will still continue to work to your programmed schedule if it’s already in schedule mode, as well as maintain your desired temperature.

Similarly, can you use Hive without Internet? If the heat or the hub is disconnected from the Internet, the Hive application will show you and tell you what is wrong. Yes, your thermostat will continue to function on its pre-set schedule if not connected to WiFi.

Additionally, does Hive heating work if internet goes down? Hive Active Heating – Your heating will continue to work. Until your broadband connection is restored you can control your heating manually from your thermostat. If your heating is in schedule mode it will continue to run to the schedule that you have set.

As many you asked, does Hive rely on Wi-Fi? Our newest hub, Hive Hub 360 connects via Wi-Fi, our other hubs need to be physically connected to your broadband router using a network cable (provided with the hub) to allow you to control your Hive products remotely.

You asked, does hive thermostat work without hub? For Hive Active Heating a hub, a receiver and a thermostat are installed. When this service hasn’t been bought, the thermostat and receiver can also be installed without a hub. This is known as ‘stand-alone’ mode.Our newest hub, Hive Hub 360 connects via Wi-Fi, our other hubs need to be physically connected to your broadband router using a network cable (provided with the hub) to allow you to control your Hive products remotely.

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Can you control hive manually?

The Hive Active Heating 2 thermostat has been designed to be easy to use. … You can use your Hive thermostat to control your heating and hot water manually when at home.

Why has my Hive gone offline?

If your Hive Light is showing as offline in your Hive app or website dashboard it could be because it’s been switched off manually from the existing light switch on the wall or lamp. … If your wall or lamp light switch is switched to on and you’re still unable to control Hive Light remotely, try restarting your Hive Hub.

How do you use Hive heating manually?

  1. Push the dial to wake up the thermostat.
  2. Once the screen turns on press the Menu button and select Heat.
  3. Here you’ll see the different modes: Schedule, Manual and Off.
  4. Select one by turning and pushing the dial.

How do I turn off Hive heating manually?

  1. Wake the thermostat up pressing any button.
  2. Press the ‘menu’ button.
  3. Twist the dial until ‘heat’ is highlighted on the screen and press the dial to select.
  4. Twist the dial until ‘off’ is highlighted and press the dial to select and then the ‘tick’ button to confirm.

How does Hive connect to wifi?

Go to the Hive app and tap on the Hive Leak Sensor. The settings icon on the top right is where you can change the wi-fi on the product page. You will be led through the process of connecting to your new network.

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What wifi channel does Hive use?

Hive uses low-power zigbee mesh to communicate between their devices. This unfortunately uses the same 2.4GHz band that wifi 802.11g/n uses, and can be easily drowned out by wifi. Hive uses Zigbee channel 20 which is between the channel 8 and 9 wifi centre freqencies.

Do you have to pay to use Hive?

You must pay your first monthly payment under the payment plan at the point of purchase. If you buy any additional Hive product(s) at the same time as taking out a Heating Plan, you must pay for such products at the point of purchase.

Do you need a hub with Hive?

Yes. The Hub is the heart of your Hive system and allows you to control your devices remotely.

How does Hive thermostat communicate with receiver?

The hub plugs into your broadband router and the receiver is then wired up to the boiler. This connects your boiler to the internet so it can be controlled remotely and allows it to talk to your smart thermostat.

How close does hive hub need to be to receiver?

For the Hive Hub to work at its best you should put it on a table or shelf near to your broadband router, it should be a minimum of 50cm from the router.

How many Hive plugs can I have?

Hive says the hub can support up to 24 devices. It’s enough for most households, even if you already use the number for heating zones.

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