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Best Internet Providers in Texas

About Texas

The second largest state in the United States as far as population and area is concerned, Texas is geographically present in the South-Central region. Texas shares borders with Louisiana, Oklahoma, Arkansas and New Mexico. Also known as the Lone Star State, it is famous for live music, the hot weather and BBQ. It also encompasses Houston, which is the fourth largest in the United States and also the most populous city. San Antonio comes second in population. You can find a total of 590 native species in all, comprising – 65 mammal species, 213 species of reptiles and amphibians besides a diversity of birdlife.

Popular Destinations in Texas (to name a few):

Houston – NASA’s Space Center

Austin – Live Music, LBJ, Library and Zilker Park

Dallas – Historic Dealey Plaza and a range of other art museums

San Antonio – River Walk

Types of Internet

The state of Texas offers all types of internet such as the DSL, Cable, Fiber and Satellite.





Best Internet Providers in Texas – Internet Plans and Bundles

  • Residents have a great choice of internet providers in Texas. You get to choose between Frontier’s lowest plan at $25 / mo. or Windstream’s top fiber internet facilities
  • Frontier is also considered as one of the top DSL providers in Texas. ViaSat remains one of the top internet providers in the state
  • Texas is also the 45thmost connected state – 95% of the residents have access to broadband.
  • Houston, the largest metro has average download speeds of 15 Mbps, while San Antonio gets at least 25 Mbps
  • There are about 76 internet providers in Texas out of which, CenturyLink, Windstream, Frontier and ViaSat are considered as premium providers
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Fastest Internet Providers in Texas

  • In general, 83% have access to speeds of 100 Mbps
  • If you wish to subscribe to fiber and cable plans, you can get speeds of up to 1 Gbps
  • Choose the DSL plans to get speeds of up to at least 300 Mbps. Finally, even satellite speeds don’t cease to amaze at 100 Mbps


  • A premier provider of internet in the state of Texas, Frontier primarily offers fiber optic services that are faster than DSL or cable. Users can also avail of a variety of options along with their internet such as home phone, and TV options that meet your day to day demands, easily
  • Get swift and secure online access when you subscribe to Frontier’s FiOS packages. Speeds are as fast as 150 Mbps, on a fiber optic network. You also get unlimited local and long distance calling on the home phone
  • Besides, watch all programming in clear HD with FiOS TV across several on demand and free titles. Use Frontier’s secure browsing facilities to protect your devices from unwanted malware. Avail of better rates when you bundle a range of services together

DOUBLE PLAY BUNDLE: TV Custom Essentials



FiOS 50/50

Max speeds of 50 Mbps

Amazon Prime subscription for 12 months

A choice of 210 channels

Visa Reward Card of up to $100

TRIPLE PLAY BUNDLE: Digital Voice + TV Custom Essentials



FiOS 50/50

Max speeds of 50 Mbps

Amazon Prime subscription for 12 months

A choice of 210 channels

Visa Reward Card of up to $100

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While including all of the above, the package also provides users with Unlimited Nationwide calling

TRIPLE PLAY BUNDLE: TV Extreme + Digital Voice



FiOS 200/200

Max speeds of 200 Mbps

Get 12 months of HBO Subscription

A choice of 285 channels

2-year price guarantee

At just $5 / each you can add other premium channels as well

Unlimited nationwide calling


  • With straightforward pricing models, and without any rate hikes, CenturyLink provides users with some of the best savings ever. Price for Life guarantee ensures that users are safely locked into the initial subscribed price avoiding any inflations at later stages. With contract-free options and bundle discounts, CenturyLink offers services across the internet along with TV, phones and other combination plans



Price for Life plan providing users with speeds of up to 40 Mbps

Watch movies online and accomplish gaming

Fiber Gigabit



Speeds, in this plan, can to up to 940 Mbps

Additionally, users get free installation and a free modem

This is also a Price for Life plan

Internet and Home Phone



Get both internet and home phone on a Price for Life under this plan

Internet speed is also at its highest

Users get unlimited calling facilities across local as well as nationwide numbers

Internet 40 Mbps

  • Furthermore, CenturyLink is available across 37 states besides Texas
  • At a mere $45 / mo. you get Price for Life guarantees along with 1000 Mbps of internet speeds


  • With internet service availability across 50 states, Windstream, offers some of its greatest coverage across Texas. An estimated 16.2 million people use Windstream’s DSL internet. The network is also the 6th largest DSL residential provider in the U.S.
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25 Mbps



50 to 100 Mbps



200 Mbps



300 to 400 Mbps



500 Mbps



Kinetic Gig




  • Designed to connect homes (and even businesses) 24 / 7, ViaSat provides reliable internet services with download speeds going even up to 100 Mbps. Especially considered as a rural internet provider in Texas, the provider also goes a step further, helping you control smart home devices with your existing subscription
  • Bundle the VoIP with the satellite television, or add a DirecTV package to enjoy programming across the network or from local stations. Get unlimited data every month, and a good amount of priority data allotment. furthermore, access your emails, surf the internet, even if you have exhausted your priority data

Bronze 12



Pricing 3 Months later – $70 / mo.

12 Mbps


Built-in Wi-Fi included

Small screen quality Video Streaming (360p)

Unlimited Silver 25



Pricing 3 Months later – $100 / mo.

25 Mbps


Built-in Wi-Fi facility

Video streaming in DVD quality (480p)

Gold 50



Pricing 3 Months later – $150 / mo.

50 Mbps


Also includes built-in Wi-Fi

HD quality video streaming typically at 720p

Platinum 100



Pricing 3 Months later – $200 / mo.

Up to 100 Mbps


Includes built-in Wi-Fi

Streams in 1080p full HD quality

Texas Internet Plans

Texas Top Cities

San Antonio
EI Paso
Fort Worth

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