Internet Providers in California

California, the Golden State, is the most populous and third-largest state in the US. It is the home to the Apple Inc. and Hollywood. Also, it is the only state to host both the Summer and Winter Olympics. In this article, we enumerate the available internet providers in California.

Some of the available internet providers in California are listed below.

  1. Frontier
  2. Centurylink
  3. Viasat

Read this article as a guide to select the best internet plan for you.

Types of Internet Service In California

Needless to say, Californians have access to all types of internet. For example, Cable, DSL, Fiber, and Satellite internet services are available here.

Cable Internet

Cable internet is the best internet service as it is cheaper and provide high-speed internet. To emphasize, more than 90% of Californians have access to cable internet.

DSL Internet

Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) offers high-speed bandwidth connection via a telephone line. Hence you can use the same telephone line for your internet connection. Needless to mention, DSL connection can be established wherever there is an active telephone line.

Fiber Internet

Here, the data is transmitted in the form of light signals through thin flexible glass fibers. Since it works on light signals, the internet speed has to be super fast. However, due to the multiple internal reflections, the speed slows down. Anyway, it is much faster than its other counterparts.

Satellite Internet

Satellite internet offers availability almost everywhere. If other internet services aren’t available in your locality, go for satellite internet. Not only this, but it also provides internet to all terrains including the rural areas. Additionally, satellite internet is the only other option than dial-up in the rural areas.

Internet Providers in California

There are many internet providers in California. Also, users can choose from the plans based on their requirements. To enumerate, Frontier, Viasat and CenturyLink are few of them.


  • To start with, Frontier provides the most affordable plans with high-speed internet.
  • Moreover, the plans in California start as low as $27.99 per month. Check out their plans in the table below.


Free Trial

Frontier Internet



Speeds of up to 6 Mbps

For social media and emails

Frontier Preferred Internet



Speeds of up to 25 Mbps

For social media, emails and photo sharing

Frontier Premium Internet



Speeds of up to 45 Mbps

For social media, emails, files sharing, multiple device connectivity


  • To begin with, CenturyLink has the most attractive offer with the price for life feature. Thus the customers are freed from paying huge after every few months. Therefore, you can avail of high-speed internet for a lifetime at the same price.
  • To conclude, internet access has never been this easy in California.
  • Still confused to choose the best internet plan for you? Contact our customer assistance team and get the monitoring.


Free Trial

Price for life plan



15 Mbps

For video streaming, downloading music, multiplayer gaming


  • Viasat offers internet plans with a 3-month contract after which they charge extra. However, there is no data restriction.


Free Trial

Unlimited Bronze 12



12 Mbps

For web usage

Unlimited Silver 25



25 Mbps

For file transfer, social media, and web usage

Unlimited Gold 30



30 Mbps

For content streaming, social media, web usage, faster file transfer

  • Do not forget, the prices are bound to vary after 3 months as $70, $100 and $150 for the three plans respectively.

California Internet Plans

Internet Providers in California

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