The Best Internet Bundles in Frontier, CenturyLink, Windstream and Viasat

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Customized internet bundles from the biggest titans. Prepare for the best in cable, bundling, value and fiber. Compare plans against four of the best providers to choose the best for your area. Book your internet bundles with authorized dealers to Windstream, CenturyLink, Frontier and Viasat

Internet Bundles

Based on speed, data allowance and prices, brings some of the most economic internet bundles. Pricing for most of these providers are dependent upon the customers’ location, chosen plan, speed, and connection type (such as satellite, DSL, Fiber and Cable)

Overview – The Best Internet Providers

Considered as four of the finest providers of 2019 across the internet, Frontier, CenturyLinkViasat and Windstream, offer some of the best value, and bundling, with a great budget.

Frontier Internet

Part of Frontier Communications, Frontier internet managed to bridge the gap between cable internet and satellite internet across rural areas. It covers 38 states with both DSL and Fiber optic services. As the 4th largest DSL provider, the company offers subscribers a wide range of internet speeds

Features of DSL

Frontier’s DSL plans range from speeds of 6 Mbps and go right up to 115 Mbps. Price ranges are also flexible starting from $20/mo. and going up to $60/mo. These plans are further divided across zip codes, which offer Double Play and Triple Play Bundles

Frontier Internet Bundles

You have to use your zip code and location to find out about Frontier’s availability in your area. Primarily, Frontier offers two types of plans: the DSL and Fiber or FiOS

Double Play

Double Play bundles can start from around $37.99/mo. and involve a 1 – year agreement

In addition, under both Frontier Internet + Frontier Freedom Essentials and Frontier Preferred Internet + Frontier Freedom Essentials:

  • You can avail of Unlimited Nationwide calling
  • Speed ranges between 6 Mbps and 25 Mbps

Triple Play

Those who wish to get more from their internet bundles, can choose the Triple Play. This comprises of Frontier Preferred Internet + America’s Top 120+ +Frontier Freedom Essentials besides the Frontier Preferred Internet + America’s Top 200 + Frontier Freedom Essentials

The above also gives you:

  • Unlimited Nationwide calling
  • More than 190 or 240 channels on your smart TV
  • Furthermore, you get more than 60 or even 90 HD Channels
  • 2-year agreement on the new DISH
  • Speeds of at least 25 Mbps

DSL Plans

An overview of Frontier’s DSL plans are as follows:

FiOS Features

Available across 5 of the most ignored states by other internet providers. Fast speeds are available across California, Idaho, Oregon, Texas, and Washington. Perfect for a household of streamers, gamers, and people working from home. FiOS plans are paired with no data limits and start at just $40/mo. in most locations. With no data limit and good value, the service proves useful for heavy users of the internet. A range of speeds are available starting from 50 Mbps going up to 1000 Mbps

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Frontier’s FiOS plans come with a 2-year contract that also provide users with savings of at least $100. One of the standout features remains its Zero data caps

CenturyLink Bundles

Offering connectivity best suited for homes and businesses, CenturyLink bundles the phone and the TV also along with it. The company also effectively contributes to your digital transformation strategies preparing you for a future paired with cloud and security solutions. Residential customers stay connected with reliable access to the internet, TV and the phone. Small businesses can also choose CenturyLink’s internet bundles for seamless connectivity. Get the home phone bundle to avail of the price for life guarantee. With no contract internet, there are no penalties for passing data limits. CenturyLink is available across 37 states in the United States


40 Mbps

CenturyLink Internet bundles also comes with a 40 Mbps plan that lets users surf in higher resolutions. Avail of this offer if you are a household that has two or three devices each. The service facilitates streaming in HD and costs $55/mo.

Fiber Internet

Delivered over a Fiber-Optic network, the Fiber Gigabit Speed offers max upload and download speeds of at least 940 Mbps through a wired connection. Super-fast speeds are achieved through a network of glass wiring that receives signals from the fiber-optic internet

Speeds of Fiber Internet

  • Download a 5 MB file in just 0.04 seconds and stream songs on Spotify with a duration of around 4 minutes
  • At another time, it takes just 0.496 seconds to download a file size of 62 MB, with which you can watch a 5-minute YouTube video at a resolution of 1080p
  • Choose an average file size of 156MB to download it in just 1.2 seconds – this lets you browse your Facebook for about an hour
  • Furthermore, it should take you 13.8 seconds to download a 1.7 GB file, with which you should be able to stream an episode spanning 45 minutes on Amazon Prime Video
  • Finally, enjoy a 2-hr movie on Netflix when you download a 4.6 GB file in just 18.4 seconds

Features of Fiber internet bundles

CenturyLink primarily segregates its plans on the basis of Zip Code. Besides that, home phone and internet are available along with DirecTV. Pricing, in turn, depends upon the speed and bandwidth that you wish to subscribe to. Internet speeds that run from 3 Mbps to up to 1,000 Mbps. Finally, CenturyLink keeps customer satisfaction as the main objective of their services

About Viasat Internet Bundles

Across 48 contiguous states, Viasat offers satellite internet plans with unlimited bandwidth. Yet, there are several packages available with different speed and bandwidth options as well. With more than just one speed option, ViaSat offers lower prices per Mbps / month. Depending upon where you live, you can also get higher upload and download speeds. Viasat is considered as one of the best options for those living outside the radar of DSL and cable

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Features of Viasat

  • Viasat gets directly beamed into your home from space satellites. Available across 50 states in the United States, users can enjoy the flexibility of satellite internet with great speeds
  • If you are living at the edge of an urban area or if your current internet options are slow, then choose Viasat. Get an affordable package when you bundle both the internet and the phone service together
  • Faster than the typical DSL or the 4G/LTE mobile service, download speeds can go up to even 12 Mbps. Speeds can go up to 50 Mbps in select areas
  • One of the biggest advantages of Viasat remains pricing – the company promises a lock-in period of two years. Residential services do not attract any automatic overage fees
  • Installation is rather quick and account management is executed through an online portal with a customized interface


Viasat’s internet bundles do come with some extras and add-ons. Save at least $10/mo. when you bundle the internet facility with the DirecTV service. Alternatively, save by getting a home phone along with your internet. security features and enables fast browsing

Plans + Price

Beginning at just $35 per month Viasat offers over 200 HD channels when bundled with DirecTV. Get an internet phone number at just $19.99 and avail of the voice service by using VoIP or the Voice over Internet Protocol system. Customers have to enter their zip code to know the plans available in their area. There are several plans available across a variety of download speeds.


All of the above plans include a Late Night Free Zone plus a Video Data Extender. Videos can be streamed at DVD quality optimized for less data usage to be watched at 480p

Liberty Plans

Encompassing Silver and Liberty plans download speeds begin from 12 Mbps and can go up to 25 Mbps. Priority data also changes according to the bandwidth

All of the above plans come with the Liberty Pass that allows you to keep using the internet even if you have exhausted your Priority Data. Moreover, a Free Zone is available on a daily basis from 3 AM to 6 AM. You also get the Video Data Extender that lets you stream DVD quality video

Unlimited Plans

  • Unlimited plan is known as the Silver 25 that comes with download speeds of 25 Mbps
  • Accomplish video streaming that is optimized for small screen viewing
  • The package also comes with a built-in Wi-Fi – similar to the Liberty 25 and 50 plans

Complete price list

ViaSat + DirecTV

Furthermore, get $120 off in the first year on your bill when you get internet bundles along with DirecTV. The service also offers more than 200 channels in HD

Windstream Internet Bundles

A regional provider in the United States, Windstream provides internet services across 17 states. Specializing in both fiber internet and DSL plans, they offer contract and data-free plans. Speeds range from 10 Mbps on the DSL and go up to even 1 Gbps in fiber. Windstream offers a selection of double and triple play bundles. Check out the provider’s Double Play and Triple Play bundles. DSL or Digital Subscriber Line uses the telephone connection to obtain connection to the internet. Prices across their internet plans are relatively cheap, while providing good speeds

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Premium Kinetic

  • Windstream Premium Kinetic provides speeds of up to 50 Mbps
  • With no data caps, the connection is rendered through the VDSL
  • Additionally, there is no term contract – with this service, you can actually save up to $50 per month when you get billing credit of $100
  • Currently, the service is offered at a promo price of $35 per month, which would otherwise be available at a regular price of $45 / mo.
  • Upfront charges of $35 is applicable when you get the BYO Modem
  • Bundle the phone worth $20 per month with the internet and avail of great savings
  • Handle all your data and communications seamlessly with Kinetic

Kinetic Gig

  • Providing speeds of up to 1000 Mbps, the Kinetic Gig internet is a fiber connection that also comes with a no-term contract
  • Here too, you can save $50 when you get $100 in billing credit
  • Costs are $55 per month, which is a promo price, which would otherwise cost $75/mo. at regular rates
  • Pay $35 upfront charges and get the BYO Modem
  • The price per speed depends upon the speeds you can get at home

Internet Bundles with Windstream

Experience Windstream’s double and triple play bundles, designed for the users according to the TV tier and the chosen speed. Enhanced kinetic internet plans run at a speed of 10 to 25 Mbps with the DSL connection. None of the plans attract any term contracts


  • Bundle the 10 to 25 Mbps internet with the Kinetic Basic TV at a cost of just $54.99/mo.
  • Thereafter bundle the Kinetic Basic TV with Unlimited Phone at a price of $55/mo.
  • Pay just $55/mo. when you bundle the Enhanced Kinetic internet (10 – 25 Mbps) with the following:
    • Kinetic Preferred TV
    • Unlimited Phone + Kinetic Preferred TV
    • Kinetic Select TV
    • Unlimited Phone + Kinetic Select TV

Value adds

Offering services across several rural areas, Windstream is known to deliver adequate internet speeds. Residential plans range from 3 Mbps to 24 Mbps. DSL services may be available predominantly in the eastern parts of the United States. Furthermore, the company is a midsize ISP providing services to more than 3 million customers. 3 Mbps subscriptions should suffice if you just want to check your email and read some webpages. After subscription you will be provided with 5 email addresses with a storage capacity of 1 GB each. Windstream communications and internet bundles seldom encounter any issues. We are authorized dealers for some of the best providers of internet bundles.

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