How to package zong internet weekly?

Super Weekly internet package offers its customers with 2 GBs volume of the internet for the duration of 1 week and at the price of Rs 100+ax only. Dial *6464# to subscribe and *102# to check the remaining data.

People ask also, how can I subscribe Zong weekly 25GB Internet package? Zong – Super Weekly Max lets you enjoy 25GB Data with 10GB just for YouTube. Dial *220# and subscribe now! | Facebook.

Correspondingly, how activate Zong 30gb Internet?

  1. To Activate: Dial *6464#
  2. To Check Remaining Mbs: Dial *102#

Also, how activate Zong all weekly? Dial *4004# to Subscribe.

Quick Answer, how do I activate Super weekly max? Just dial *220# to subscribe to Zong Super Weekly Max. Now enjoy Zong’s Super Weekly Max with the highest mobile internet volume in any weekly bundle!

  1. Activation points: *567#, 310 Smart IVR, My Zong APP, *310#, E-Care, Online Shop.
  2. By dialing *567# (Rs.
  3. There will be no Pro-Rata on Add-Ons/Bundles and it will be charged on full price.
  4. The Add-On/Bundle validity will be till end of billing cycle.
  5. Postpaid – SMS-Add ons are auto-recursive.
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How can I use Zong Internet package?

  1. Dial USSD *6767# from Zong Master number.
  2. Select first option Subscribe Bundles.
  3. Select your required MBB bundle.
  4. Enter the MBB number.
  5. Bundle will be subscribed on your MBB number.

How do you calculate Super weekly max?

  1. Dial *220# to subscribe this bundle offer.
  2. Check usage details of Super Weekly Max by dialing *102# (Charges 10 Paisa+Tax per inquiry)

How can I subscribe Zong weekly package?

The Zong All-in-1 Weekly package offers 1000 on-net minutes, 40 off-net minutes, 1000 SMS, and 2.5 GBs of internet at PKR 200 for a week. Dial *6464# to subscribe to the offer.

How can I subscribe Zong weekly all in one package?

  1. Dial *6464# > 4 > 1.
  2. Or SMS “Weekly150” to 6464.
  3. To un-subscribe dial *6464#

How can I check Zong all in one weekly package?

  1. Zong Internet Packages.
  2. Zong Call Packages.
  3. Zong SMS Packages.

What is the code of Zong weekly package?

OFFER MECHANICS Just dial *220# from your phone!

What is the tax on Zong weekly internet package?

Sales tax (GST) of 19.5% applies on usage (if applicable). Advance Income Tax (AIT) rate of 10% applies on every recharge.

How can I check my Zong Internet package?

Dial *6464# to subscribe and *102# to check the remaining data.

How can I subscribe Zong 7gb?

Zong Super Weekly Plus offers 7 GB for 7 days. You can avail it for Rs. 171+Tax. Just dial *20# to subscribe to the offer.

How can I make my own offer on Zong?

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You just simple have to dial *310# and you will get the list of packages. From which you can choose the package of your own choice.

How can I get free MB on Zong?

  1. Dial *6767# from your Zong master number and select option # 5 (Usage of MBB)
  2. Dial *102# from Zong MBB number (Charges Rs. 0.10+tax/Inquiry)
  3. Use myZong app.

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