How to login dbbl internet banking?

Use this User ID and password for login to your internet banking account. To login your account. First, go to dbbl internet banking login page. Then, input your User ID and password to login.

Also the question is, what is DBBL User ID? DBBL will provide the customer with unique customer identification (“Customer ID”) and a temporary (“Password”) in the first instance. 2.2. As a safety measure, the User, as a customer should immediately change Password upon his/her first login.

Additionally, how do I reset my DBBL Internet banking password? To unlock the password, you may send mail to or make call to Helpline. If your forget your password then apply at your branch for getting new one.

Also, how can I create Dutch Bangla mobile banking?

  1. Customer fills up the KYC Form and submit to agent along with his/her photograph & National ID (NID)
  2. Agent goes to Customer Registration Menu from his/her mobile and insert customer’s mobile number.

Beside above, how do I find my DBBL account number? Your Mobile Account number is your mobile number with an additional check digit. For example if your mobile number is 01233445566 and check digit is 3, then your Mobile Account number will be 012334455663. What type of Mobile set is required? Any type to mobile set can be used for DBBL mobile banking.Balance Enquary option allows Dutch-Bangla Bank Rocket customer’s to know about their Rocket account Balance. To get this service from Dutch-Bangla Bank Rocket account you just need to dial *322# from any operator except citycell. in case if you are using Citycell mobile phones then just send an empty sms to 16216.

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How do I create a Dbbl bank account?

  1. National ID card/ passport.
  2. 2 copy passport size photo.
  3. Identity card of the nominee (national id card/passport/birth certificate).
  4. 1 copy passport-size photo of a nominee.
  5. Copy of utility bill of present address (current bill/ water bill/gas bill).

What is Dbbl security code?

DBBL 2FA is an additional layer of security that provides a second verification of your online identity. This verification is done using SecuredID Tokens. Use of SecuredID Tokens are as simple as entering a password, but much more secured.

What is DBBL Nexus card?

All Dutch Bangla Bank debit cards gives you unlimited and free access to all Dutch Bangla Bank ATMs and POS nationwide. … By default, when opening a Dutch Bangla Bank account, all clients will receive the Dutch Bangla Bank Nexus Classic card. A debit card is more advanced than a credit card.

What is NPSB?

National Payment Switch Bangladesh (NPSB) is an electronic platform, started its operation on 27 December 2012 with a view to attain interoperability among schedule banks for card based/online retail transactions.

How can I open mobile bank account online?

  1. Registration. Some banks require the customer to register for mobile banking by filling up a registration form and submitting an identity proof with the form to a bank branch.
  2. Mobile banking app.
  3. Activation process.
  4. Login.
  5. Security.
  6. Points to note.

Can I open bank account online in Bangladesh?

This is an online Savings Account developed to facilitate the customers to open this account from anywhere and anytime through internet via the Bank’s website ( … The account can be opened through MDB website. The accounts will be in local currency (BDT). No initial deposit is required.

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How do I open a DBBL student account?

  1. Your Resent 2 Copy Passport Size Color Photo .
  2. Photocopy of Your National Id Card / Birth Certificate.
  3. Photocopy of Your Student Identification card or id card .
  4. 1Copy recent passport Size color Photo of Nominee.

How can I check my bank account balance with account number?

  1. Call 1800-270-3333 to check your account Balance.
  2. Dial 1800 1800-270-3355 to check your Mini statement.
  3. You can call 1800-270-3377 to get Account Statement.
  4. You can call 1800-270-3344 for mobile banking.

What is Iban No of bank?

IBAN stands for International Bank Account Number, which you can use when making or receiving international payments. Your IBAN doesn’t replace your sort code & account number ─ it’s an additional number with extra information to help overseas banks identify your account for payments.

How do I deposit money into my Dbbl account?

Deposit at Agent Banking Outlet point/Teller point: Customer comes to Agent Banking Outlet/Teller Point for deposit; inform his account number/show account card and Hand over the cash to Agent Banking Outlet/Teller. Agent Banking Outlet/Teller Log-in to Portal/ e-POS/ m-POS terminal by using Password/PIN.

How can I check my account balance online?

You can check the balance online through internet or mobile banking. The balance can also be checked through SBI Yono Lite app. Apart from the traditional passbook method, the account balance can also be known through SBI’s SMS and Missed Call banking facility.

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