How to get telkom internet settings?

  1. Tap the Menu button.
  2. Tap Settings.
  3. Tap Wireless and networks or More (depending on your version of Android).
  4. Tap Mobile Networks.
  5. Tap Access point names.
  6. Tap the Menu button.
  7. Tap New APN.
  8. Enter the following data into the onscreen form, without changing any other settings:

Correspondingly, how do I get Telkom Internet settings in Kenya? In case the settings do not come, send a blank message to 1234, after which you will receive the settings by SMS click on save to save the settings and enjoy browsing the internet.

Quick Answer, how do I activate my Telkom Internet? Activate your broadband service Type in Complete the required fields with your Telkom telephone number and order number (sent to you by SMS).

Additionally, what number do I call for Telkom Internet settings? Dial *180# to access some customer self-help options including buying SMS and Data bundles, changing tariff, transferring airtime, Blackberry service, and device settings. Device settings will help when setting up your phone to access the internet through Telkom.

Beside above, how do I set my mobile data Settings?

  1. From the home screen, tap the Menu button.
  2. Tap Settings.
  3. Tap Mobile networks.
  4. Tap Access Point Names.
  5. Tap the Menu button.
  6. Tap New APN.
  7. Tap the Name field.
  8. Enter Internet, then tap OK.
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How do I change my Internet Network Settings?

Click the Start button, and then click Control Panel. In the Control Panel window, click Network and Internet. In the Network and Internet window, click Network and Sharing Center. In the Network and Sharing Center window, under Change your networking settings, click Set up a new connection or network.

What is Telkom APN settings?

Go to settings and then open wireless and networks. Navigate to mobile networks and choose access point names. … On the name field in the window that comes up, use TelkomInternet then select ok. Use the same value on the APN field.

Why is my Telkom Mobile Internet so slow?

You could be experiencing slow speeds due to your LTE data usage. … Up to 250GB of usage, you will be able to access the Telkom LTE network at up to 10Mbps high-speed. Between 250GB and 300GB of usage, you will be able to access the network at a standard 4Mbps speed.

How do I activate T Kash?

  1. Go to your T-kash Menu.
  2. Select ‘Activate’.
  3. Enter your identification document number (The one used during registration).
  4. Enter Date of Birth (Format:DDMMYYYY).
  5. Enter New PIN.
  6. Enter New PIN again & confirm details.
  7. You will get a T-kash confirmation SMS.

How do I activate Telkom LTE?

  1. Navigate to your Telkom App.
  2. You will get to the main dashboard on your screen.
  3. Navigate to accounts.
  4. Select Buy.
  5. Scroll through the list of options and select Data Bundles.
  6. Select the bundle type – LTE/LTE-A once off.
  7. Select your preferred bundle amount eg.
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How do I switch to Telkom LTE?

Dial *180# to switch to Prepaid LTE and get 10GB of data for R99!

How do I reset my Telkom network?

  1. Log in to a web browser and fill in the router IP.
  2. On the browser window, select the “change wireless password” menu.
  3. Enter the default settings: username and password.
  4. Enter the new password you would love to use.
  5. Save the changes and connect with your new password.

What do I do if my Telkom data is not working?

Sometimes the most obvious fix is the most reliable one. If your mobile data is giving you trouble, one of the first things you should try is turning airplane mode on and off. You can do this simply by dragging down the notification bar and tapping on the airplane icon, or you can do it through Settings.

What is the USSD code for Telkom?

The USSD code for checking Telkom balance is *188#. Dial it, and press send/call, and your airtime balance will pop up on the screen. This is the most used USSD code on the Telkom network.

How do I buy Telkom all network minutes?

The FreeMe Promo All-network Voice Bundles will be available for purchase as a once-off or recurring bundles. To purchase a FreeMe Voice Bundle you can dial *180# or visit the Telkom App.

How do I enable mobile data download in settings?

  1. Tap the person icon on the top right corner on the app home page.
  2. Find Settings.
  3. Tap Cellular Controls.
  4. Turn on Allow Cellular Downloads or Allow Cellular Streaming.
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