How to get robi emergency internet?

  1. All eligible Robi prepaid customers can avail jhotpot balance service up to Tk.
  2. You can check your Eligibility by Dialing *8#
  3. To avail the Jhotpot Balance, you need to dial *123*007# (Free of Charge)

In this regard, how can I get Robi emergency SMS? To avail of the Emergency Balance, customers need to dial *1122# or SMS LOAN to 1122.

Quick Answer, how can I stop Robi Jhotpot loan? For De-registration in Jhotpot Balance, customers need to dial*8811*2# (FOC) or typing “STOP” & send it to 8811.

Beside above, how can I check my Robi balance?

  1. How can I check all internet bundles? Just dial *123*3# to check all internet bundles.
  2. How can I check my Internet balance? Just dial *123*3*5# to check Internet balance.
  3. How can I check my special Internet offer?
  4. How can I get Internet settings?
  5. How do I manage my internet setting?
  6. What is the opener for Robi?

Correspondingly, how do I borrow MB GB? Grameenphone offered you 10MB data loan at 5 Tk. with2 days validity. In the time of emergency, dial *121*1*8# and get 10 MB emergency internet balance only at 5Tk.

  1. All Prepaid and Call & Control subscribers will be eligible for this service.
  2. If your balance is lower than or equal to Tk.20, you will be eligible for this service.
  3. To avail the “Emergency Internet” service, dial *875#
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How can I get emergency balance in GP?

  1. All Grameenphone prepaid and postpaid customers can get emergency balance.
  2. To get emergency balance dial *121*1*3#
  3. To know the eligible amount dial *121*1010*2#
  4. You can use this Emergency Balance amount for any voice calls and for any SMS.
  5. The emergency balance amount can be used at any time.

How can I check Robi special Internet offer?

  1. To check eligibility, customers can send free SMS from any Robi/018 number in the following format: A018XXXXXXXX to 8050 or can dial *8050#, put silent number and follow the instruction.
  2. Customer can check the offer through Robi Website or My Robi Apps.
  3. Retailer can check the offer through *888#

How can I check teletalk internet balance?

Dial *152# for data balance check. To check data usage type ‘U’ and send to 111.

How can I call Robi Internet?

  1. 1GB at Tk28 for 14 days validity.
  2. 3G, 4G network usable.
  3. All the Robi users can’t accept this opportunity.
  4. Activate this offer by dialing *21291*901#

How can I get internet loan?

  1. IDEA Internet Data Loan Number & USSD Code. Idea customer can Dial *150*06# for 25 MB 2G data loan or *150*333# for 35 MB 3G data loan. If you need a talktime loan then you can follow our previous share article on Idea talktime credit loan.

How can I get loan in Robi?

  1. All eligible Robi prepaid customers can avail jhotpot balance service up to Tk.
  2. You can check your Eligibility by Dialing *8#
  3. To avail the Jhotpot Balance, you need to dial *123*007# (Free of Charge)

How can I get Airtel emergency Internet?

– Very simple, you need to dial *141# and select you best one from these option.

How can I check my minute offer in bl?

  1. All prepaid and Call & Control subscribers are eligible for this minute pack.
  2. Customers can purchase the pack from MyBL app, or recharge of Tk.17 or by dialing *121*17#
  3. Minutes can be used for calls to any local operator (Except IVR or short codes)

How can I contact BL customer care?

If You Have A Problem Getting Connected, Don’t Hesitate To Call Our Customer Care At +8801950111111.

How can I buy GP Internet?

While availing Social internet packs, if there is no remaining regular internet volume in any other internet account expiration( Volume or Validity) of every internet pack maximum PayGo rate will be 6.0875 Tk( inclusive VAT,SD &SC) or Dial*121*3# to buy a data pack for any other internet usage(except facebook & twitter …

How can I get 30 loan from Airtel?

  1. Airtel Loan Code (Sri lanka) – USSD *345#
  2. You will get 3 options. Rs.30 Cool loan. 200MB Data Loan. 500MB Data loan.

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