How to get free internet yes?

  1. Click on “Have a Voucher? Redeem Here” on the Main Page of the MyYES app.
  2. Key in the voucher serial number and Shopee ID then click the “Verify” button.
  3. Once your redemption is successful, the free data will be credited automatically into your YES account.

Quick Answer, how do you activate Yes 4g 40gb?

  1. Parents, get your FREE SIM in 5 simple steps.
  2. Register for. here.
  3. Complete registration. by agreeing to terms & conditions.
  4. Wait for confirmation SMS/Email.
  5. Your SIM will be delivered to you.
  6. Activate your SIM here.

Also the question is, how do I claim my free yes phone?

  1. Open the MyYes app.
  2. Click on the YES PRIHATIN Learn From Home banner.
  3. Click on the Refer YES PRIHATIN button.
  4. Fill in the IC number of the B40 candidate.
  5. Fill in the information of the prospective B40 family, and click Next when you are done.

In this regard, how do you use YES on the Internet? Configuring your YES Device Step 1: Connect your Yes Device to your PC via USB or WiFi. Step 2: Open your web browser and browse to Step 3: Login with your Yes ID and password. Step 4: Follow the instructions to configure your Yes Device.

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Frequent question, how do I claim my 1GB free YES? You can redeem 1GB of LTE or broadband data by going into “Buy Now” and click on “Freebies” within the MyYes4G app. In terms of validity, it will last for 7-days for prepaid users while postpaid users will get to enjoy it longer with a 30-day validity.

How do I use my free YES SIM Card?

  1. Enter your Order No into the box “Order ID” and Yes Mobile Number into the box “Mobile Number”.
  2. Click on the “Activate” button and your SIM will be activated in less than 2 minutes.

How do I get a yes number?

Ref-1 is YES Billing account number. Ref-1 is printed next to the JomPAY logo on your bill statement. Just look for the JomPAY logo on your bill statement. What is Ref-2?

Can Yes 4G make calls?

With the launch of our Buzz 4G Cloud Phone and our Zoom 4G Gateway, customers can now use the same Yes ID to make phone calls from their home phone; surf the Internet on the go and SMS/IM/Call from their Buzz or any other WiFi-enabled device powered by a Yes device and Yes Life communications software.

How do I activate my yes rm1 SIM card?

To activate your SIM card, please download the MyYes app, press New User -> Activate SIM button and follow the activation steps.

What is referral code for Yes 4g?

How do I find my Referral Code? Your Referral Code is your YES number.

How do I find my yes referral code?

  1. Click on that symbol and then at the very top of you will see “Share Now.”
  2. It will take you to the following page, where your personal referral code lives.
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Can I cancel Yes prihatin?

Yes, as long as you are eligible for BPR, you are considered eligible for Jaringan Prihatin. … Yes, as long as you are eligible for BPR, you are considered eligible for Jaringan Prihatin.

How do I reload Yes top up?

Download MyYes4G app from Google Play. Go to Menu > Buy Now > Reload Cards. Enter Yes Number e.g. 0181230000 > Reload Cards. *Standard SMS charges apply to reloads via other telco operators.

How do I check my Yes 4g Data balance?

You may check your data balance via MyYES app and MyAccount.

What Lfh yes?

The YES Online Prepaid SIM Card 7GB for Learn From Home Programme (“LFH Programme”) is a time-limited programme launched by YTL Communications Sdn Bhd (“YTLC”) in collaboration with YTL Foundation and FrogAsia Sdn Bhd.

How can I get free Internet in Digi?

Once your change of plan is successful, you may redeem the Free 1GB Productivity internet via *338*1*1#.

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