How to find my asus router ip address?

Open the Asus Device Discovery utility and then connect your computer to the router via WiFi or an Ethernet cable. Here is an example of a wireless connection between router and computer. 8. After connecting the computer to the router, you can click the Search button to find the IP address of your wireless router/AP.

Also know, what is ASUS default IP address? ASUS Router Login with IP Address via Browser Next, enter the default IP address, i.e.,, to initiate ASUS router login.

You asked, how do I find IP address on router? Right-click the Start button then select Command Prompt. Step 2: On the Command Prompt window, enter “ipconfig” and press the [Enter]. The numbers indicated on the Default Gateway section is your router‘s IP Address.

Likewise, how do I access my Asus router settings? Enter your router’s IP address in the browser of your device. If you cannot find the IP address, type: in your browser for ASUS router models, or for ASUS range extender models.

As many you asked, how do I access ASUS router from https? Type the address at URL bar in your browser. There would not show warning page in the browser, neither Not Secure before the URL bar. Note 1: You have to type the entire address on URL bar in browser, including https:// and :8443.

  1. Turn on your router and connect it to your computer with an Ethernet cable.
  2. Open your favorite web browser and type “” into the address bar.
  3. Enter the correct router login/password combination.
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How do I see all the IP addresses on my network?

  1. Open the command prompt.
  2. Enter the command “ipconfig” for Mac or “ifconfig” on Linux.
  3. Next, input the command “arp -a”.
  4. Optional: Input the command “ping -t”.

How do I lookup an IP address?

How do I find a device by IP address? In Windows, go to All Programs -> Accessories. Then right-click on Command Prompt. Choose Run As Administrator and type in nslookup %ipaddress% putting an IP address instead of %ipaddress%.

What is the ASUS router account?

Your ASUS router login can be used to perform common setup tasks, secure your wireless network, and more. This guide will show you how to log into your ASUS router using the router’s IP address and login credentials, including the default username and password.

How do I find my ASUS router username and password?

You can find a sticker located on the Asus router. The default username and password of the Asus wifi router should be provided on this sticker. If there’s no sticker on the Asus device, look for the default credentials in the user-manual that came with the router.

How do I connect my ASUS router to my modem?

How do I login into my router?

Step 1: Open your web browser and type in the IP address of the router (192.168. 0.1 by default). Step 2: Enter the username (admin) and password (blank by default), and then click OK or Log In.

What is the default password for Asus router?

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2 Connecting to ASUS router Open your Internet browser, and input [] into the address-bar then press [Enter]. Enter [admin] as the default user name and password, click [OK].

How do I log into my Asus router without a password?

  1. Set up your wireless router via wired connection.
  2. Enter router setting page (Key in setting page account and password)
  3. Reset your password of router. Please go to [Wireless]>[General]
  4. Click Apply to save your setting.

Why is 192.168 1.1 not opening?

If you cannot reach the login page, it may be due to: A hardwired connection configuration issue (such as a bad Ethernet cable) Entering the IP address incorrectly. An IP address issue on the computer.

How do I find my 192.168 1.1 password?

Login to Router admin panel using its default IP Address – / Enter the default username and password (admin/admin in most cases). Navigate to Wireless > Wireless Security > WPA/WPA2 – Personal (Recommended) > Password .

How do I access my router admin without IP address?

Enter the router’s username and password in the login window. “Admin” is the most common default username. “Admin,” “Password” or a blank password are the most common default passwords. If your router uses something different, it should be listed in the router’s documentation.

What is my local IP address?

Android phone From your home screen, go to Settings. Tap About Phone, then Status. Under Status, you’ll see both your IP address and device ID.

What do I do if I forgot my Asus router?

Note: If you forgot the username and/or password, please restore the router to the factory default status. Restore the system to its factory default settings by pressing the “Restore” or “Reset” button at the back of router for more than 5 seconds when the power light is flickering.

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Why is my Asus router not connecting to the internet?

We suggest you to remove the wireless router and connect to the cable provided by your ISP to your computer. Check if the internet is on. If connect to the cable provided by your ISP directly but the computer still fails to get internet connection. Suggest you to confirm with your ISP about it.

How do I fix my ASUS router not connecting to the internet?

Press the RESET button around 5~10 seconds until the Power LED indicator of router starts flashing, then you could stop pressing. In the meantime, all the LED indicators of the router should be off and it’s a normal phenomenon because the router is rebooting itself.

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