How to deactivate robi internet package?

OR by dialing 29494 and select the proper button to cancel the service. OR by sending 1111 to 29494 or STOP ALL to 6888. User unsubscribing the service through any medium like IVR/WEB/App/WAP will automatically get unsubscribed from all channels of Robi screen service.

Considering this, how can I deactivate my Robi data plan?

  1. Step 1# From your handset dial *8444# and press send or call button.
  2. Step 2# From the menu choose ‘Review Current Plan’ and choose the plan you want to deactivate.

Similarly, how do I turn off auto renewal for Internet? To turn ON auto renew option after package activation, SMS “ON” to 25000 or dial *121*3042#. Also customer can turn off Auto renew by sending SMS “OFF” to 25000 or dial*121*3043#. To check internet balance, please dial *121*1*4#.

People ask also, how can I stop Robi all active service? To unsubscribe, type STOP SJ, 1111 or STOP ALL & send to 21268.

Quick Answer, how can I check my Robi Internet package?

  1. How can I check all internet bundles? Just dial *123*3# to check all internet bundles.
  2. How can I check my Internet balance? Just dial *123*3*5# to check Internet balance.
  3. How can I check my special Internet offer?
  4. How can I get Internet settings?
  5. How do I manage my internet setting?
  6. What is the opener for Robi?
  1. Download Robi MyPlan in your mobile from google play store.
  2. Web Version:
  3. Choose internet volume, voice min, SMS & validity as per your choice.
  4. Check the tariff for the personalized pack.
  5. Click “Purchase” button to subscribe the pack immediately.
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How can I activate Airtel inactive data plan?

*121# — One Code, Easy to use: No more waiting in the queue, no more searching for Airtel Customer Service Centers to activate/deactivate Airtel service, no more confusion on what to do, where to go, who to connect for assistance regarding Airtel’s products and services.

How can I stop Airtel auto renewal MB?

  1. SMS STOP to 141. Or.

How can I stop Banglalink auto renewal?

Dial *5000*566# and reply with 1 to turn on auto-renewal or reply with 2 to turn off auto-renewal. Alternatively, to turn off auto-renewal, type “renew off vol” and send the SMS to 5000. To turn on auto-renewal, type “renew on vol” and send the SMS to 5000.

How do I stop VAS?

Consumer can deactivate or stop VAS through a simple process by dialling or sending SMS to 155223 (toll free). Using SMS: Message/Text “STOP” from the mobile number to 155223. Receive a reply from 155223 with a list of VAS products activated on your phone. Press the appropriate key to deactivate the service.

What is meant by VAS subscription?

Value added services (VAS)in mobiles means those services that are offered by telecom service providers to customers beyond the core services like SMS, voice and data. The services may either be free / chargeable. … Mobile users who receive such VAS without subscribing for those services can now deactivate them easily.

How can I check my mobile internet balance?

1st Method: Mobily balance check code Dial the code *1411# on your mobile screen, the system will check the Mobily SIM balance and display it on your mobile screen.

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Which Sim is best for Internet offer in Bangladesh?

If you want to buy a SIM card in Bangladesh, I recommend going with Grameenphone because they have the best coverage throughout the country.

Which Sim is best for internet in Bangladesh?

  1. 115 MB | TK 58 ($0.69) — 115 MB. Data: 115 MB.
  2. 1.5 GB | TK 247 ($2.92) — 1.5 GB.
  3. 3 GB | TK 289 ($3.41) — 3 GB.
  4. 5 GB | TK 299 ($3.53) — 5 GB.
  5. 8 GB | TK 399 ($4.71) — 8 GB.
  6. 15 GB | TK 498 ($5.88) — 15 GB.
  7. 20 GB | TK 649 ($7.67) — 20 GB.
  8. 30 GB | TK 998 ($11.79) — 30 GB.

What is GP my plan?

MyPlan is the Postpaid product of Grameenphone that gives you the flexibility to use it as PayGo/monthly bundle product. Let MyPlan take care of your telecom needs so that you can spend more time on the things that are important to you.

How can I activate Robi Noor package?

Customers need to dial *123*4560# and select “activate” to opt in for this free service. After opt in, Customers need to dial 28477 and then 2 in the menu to talk to doctor.

How can I increase my Robi credit card limit?

  1. You can become Robi ACE Subscriber by visiting nearest Robi Customer Care (WIC) or around your Retail Point.
  2. New ACE Connection Price is BDT 200.
  3. You can increase your usage limit at any amount by visiting nearest WIC.

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