How to connect internet from mobile to laptop in ubuntu?

  1. In Ubuntu go to System > Preferences > Network connections.
  2. In network connection select the tab Mobil broadband > +Add > Forward.
  3. Select the service Country> India.
  4. Click on the Network manager and connect the newly created connection.

Considering this, how connect internet from mobile to PC in Ubuntu?

  1. If you do not have a built-in 3G modem, connect your phone or Internet stick to a USB port on your computer.
  2. Open the system menu from the right side of the top bar.
  3. Select Mobile Broadband Off.
  4. Select Connect.
  5. Choose your provider’s country or region from the list.

Also the question is, how can I connect my laptop to my mobile hotspot in Ubuntu?

  1. Disable Wifi (Uncheck Enable Wi-Fi)
  2. Go to network connection (Edit Connections)
  3. Click “Add”
  4. Choose “Wi-Fi” and click “Create”
  5. Type in Connection name like “wifi-hotspot”
  6. Type in SSID as you wish.
  7. Choose Device MAC Address from the dropdown (wlan0)

Subsequently, can I link my phone internet to my laptop? With data tethering, you can use your mobile internet on your PC, laptop, or tablet. All you need is an Android phone! Need an internet connection for your PC or laptop, but do not have access to public Wi-Fi? The solution is simple: connect your smartphone’s mobile internet connection to your PC.

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Amazingly, how can I share my PC internet to mobile via USB in Ubuntu?

  1. Connect your pc with the Internet as usual.
  2. Connect your Android phone via USB to your pc.
  3. Activate ‘USB-Tethering’ in Androids ‘Settings’
  4. Create a new wired connection in Ubuntus network manager as described here.
  5. Start Reverse Tether and follow it’s instructions.
  6. Browse on your phone 🙂
  1. Open the system menu from the right side of the top bar.
  2. Select Wi-Fi Not Connected.
  3. Click Select Network.
  4. Click the name of the network you want, then click Connect.
  5. If the network is protected by a password (encryption key), enter the password when prompted and click Connect.

How can I access my Android phone from Ubuntu?

Steps to access Android Devices in Ubuntu, Linux Mint Plug in your Android device using USB cable in Ubuntu. In your Android device, swipe down from above in the home screen and click Touch for more options. In the next menu, select option “Transfer File (MTP)“.

Why my laptop is not connecting to mobile hotspot Ubuntu?

1.) Press Alt+F2 on keyboard to bring up ‘Enter a Command’ box, then input nm-connection-editor and hit Enter. 2.) When the ‘Network Connections’ window pops up, click on the bottom-left plus button to create a new connection.

Why WIFI is not working in Ubuntu?

Troubleshooting Steps Check that your wireless adapter is enabled and that Ubuntu recognizes it: see Device Recognition and Operation. Check if drivers are available for your wireless adapter; install them and check them: see Device Drivers. Check your connection to the Internet: see Wireless Connections.

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How do I connect my laptop to my hotspot Linux?

  1. Open the system menu from the right side of the top bar.
  2. Select Wi-Fi Not Connected or the name of the wireless network to which you are already connected.
  3. Click Wi-Fi Settings.
  4. Press the menu button in the top-right corner of the window and select Turn On Wi-Fi Hotspot….

How can I connect my mobile Internet to PC without USB cable?

How can I share my phone internet with my PC?

All you have to do is plug your charging cable into your phone, and the USB side into your laptop or PC. Then, open your phone and head to Settings. Look for the Wireless and Networks section and tap on ‘Tethering & portable hotspot’. You should then see a ‘USB tethering’ option.

How can I connect my mobile to laptop without cable?

  1. Connect Android and PC to the same Wi-Fi network.
  2. Visit “” on your PC browser to load a QR code.
  3. Run AirMore on Android and click “Scan to connect” to scan that QR code. Then they’ll be connected successfully.

How connect mobile hotspot in Kali Linux?

  1. Step I: You click the “+” button in the window, and another window pops up. In this new window, we are going to do the configuration of your hotspot.
  2. Step II: Under the network type, select “Wi-Fi”.
  3. Step III: To set a password, click on Wi-Fi security and select WPA & WPA2 Personal.

How enable USB tethering in Kali Linux?

  1. Open Settings > Network Connections > Internet Tethering.
  2. Tap Connect.
  3. Select USB.
  4. Enable Internet Tethering.
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How do I setup a hotspot with a wired connection?

Buy a “USB Ethernet adapter” or similar product, which will take an Ethernet cable and allow you to plug it into a USB port on your laptop. Once your laptop is connected to the wired network, you just need to turn your laptop into a mobile hotspot to share that connection with whatever wireless devices you have.

How do I enable WiFi on Linux?

To enable or disable the WiFi, right click the network icon in the corner, and click “Enable WiFi” or “Disable WiFi.” When the WiFi adapter is enabled, single click the network icon to select a WiFi network to connect to. Type the network password and click “connect” to complete the process.

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