How to check internet quota digi?

  1. Dial *800# (select 1 for “Check Internet Quota”; select 2 for “Check Voice Minutes”)
  2. MyDigi App (go to “View Details”- select “Internet” to check Internet Quota balance; select “Voice” to check voice minute balance)

Subsequently, how do I check my DiGi phone plan? Re: Check Current Digi Prepaid Plan To check your current plan, dial *128*1*4#.

Also know, how can I check my internet balance? Further recharge can be done from the browse packs section. Last is the old USSD method in which you need to dial *121#. The USSD when run will show several options like my offers, talktime offers, data offers and more. Select the option my number option and it will show the balance and validity of your current plan.

Additionally, what is the code to check DiGi balance? Re: Check credit balance To check your prepaid balance, press *126# and press SEND on your phone. You’ll get an IDD message showing how much balance you have on your DiGi prepaid card.

Similarly, how can I change my Digi internet plan? Re: How to change my prepaid internet data plan Hi, Mothilal. 2- expiry date. If you still have the balance, use it first and proceed to change the package by dialing *116# before the expiry date. Or, after the quota fully utilized.

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How can I change my Digi plan?

Re: Changing postpaid plan type to other postpaid plan If you have decided not to use add on quota and wish to change plan, you can review these postpaid offerings on Digi website and click on Change Plan, to change your plan online.

How can I deactivate my Digi internet package?

Re: HOW TO UNSUBSCRIBE INTERNET To unsubscribe the internet package, please dial *128# > Internet > My Status > “internet package” > Unsubscribe. Please make sure the mobile data service has turned off before the cancellation done.

How can I check my mobile internet balance?

  1. Dial *123# to check the calling balance and validity of your Airtel mobile number.
  2. Dial *121# and enter 5 in order to check Airtel 3G/4g net balance using airtel codes.

How can I check my mobile data?

  1. Open your Settings app.
  2. Tap Google. Mobile data plan. To check your plan: At the top, see your current data plan status. To buy more data: Under “Buy data,” tap the offer you want. Then tap Buy.

How can I claim 1GB Digi free?

Digi Telecommunications To redeem your free 1GB Productivity Internet, simply dial the UMB codes below: Prepaid (Voice & Broadband): Dial UMB *338*1*1# Postpaid (Voice & Broadband): Dial UMB *238*1*1#

How do I allocate data with Digi family plan?

To group your numbers into a Family plan. kindly walk in to a Digi Store near you or call our Digi helpline at 016 2211 800. What is the range of the Internet quota allocation setting? The ranges of Internet quota allocation is by ±100MB.

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How many supplementary lines Digi?

You may sign a maximum of three (3) Supplementary lines under the all new Digi Postpaid Family per Principal line.

How can I change my postpaid plan?

Can I downgrade my Digi plan?

Re: Downgrade Digi Postpaid 80 You can perform the change of plan request via our website ( under the ‘Digi Subscriber? Change your plan here’ section. Fill up all of the required details and you will receive a confirmation SMS once your plan has been changed.

How can I change my Digi monthly plan 28?

Re: Change digi 28 to other plan If you would like to change your main plan, you may dial *128# >> My Account >> Call Plan >> Change Plan.

Can I upgrade my digi postpaid plan?

The New Digi Postpaid plans Offer The new Digi Postpaid plans comes with all usage high speed internet quota and unlimited calls. Digi Postpaid plan… For upgrading/ downgrading the current Postpaid plan, customers may visit to perform the change of plan (COP).

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