How to change ip address of cloud key?

b) The default IP address of the Cloud Key is 192.168. 1.30.

Subsequently, how do I give my Cloud Key a static IP?

Likewise, how do I change my Ubiquiti IP address?

  1. ip addr add brd + dev eth0. where should be the static ip address for the switch.
  2. ip route add via
  3. echo “nameserver” > /etc/resolv.conf.
  4. set inform

Additionally, how do I change the cloud key?

  1. Connect the old Cloud Key to power. Press and hold the reset button for 10 seconds.
  2. Release the button (the LED on the device will stop glowing).
  3. Do not disconnect the Cloud Key from its power source during the reboot process.
  4. The Cloud Key will restore factory settings.

In this regard, how do I reset my Cloud Key Gen 1? Cloud Key Gen 1 Emergency Recovery Press and hold the reset button and then power on the Cloud Key by connecting it to the power source. Keep the reset button pressed for about 10 seconds, or until you see the recovery LED pattern in a loop (blue – off – white).

What is the default IP for UniFi Cloud Key?

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The UniFi Cloud Key is set to DHCP by default, so it will try to automatically obtain an IP address. Assign a specific IP address to the UniFi Cloud Key, or check the DHCP server for its IP address. Note: The default fallback IP address of the UniFi Cloud Key is 192.168. 1.30.

How does Ubiquiti Cloud Key work?

A UniFi Cloud Key installed at each deployment site provides an always-on, private UniFi cloud service. Every site is accessible through its assigned secure SSO. Each UniFi Cloud Key is independent with its own network monitoring, configuration, maps, statistics, and admin accounts.

How do I SSH into Cloud Key?

SSH to the Cloud Key. If you’re on Windows then grab PuTTY to use as your SSH client or Mac/nix users can SSH directly from the terminal. Grab the IP for your Cloud Key and connect on port 22 using the username root and password ubnt .

How does UniFi Cloud Key work?

The UniFi Cloud Key from Ubiquiti Networks combines local network security with convenient remote access. It runs a local instance of the UniFi Controller software and features single sign-on for remote, secure access to all of your UniFi devices from anywhere in the world.

How change IP UniFi AP via SSH?

  1. Step 1: SSH into the USG-Pro-4 using the default address of
  2. Step 2: Change user to root.
  3. Step 3: Check which interface is configured with the internal IP address.
  4. Step 4: Enter configuration mode so you can make changes:
  5. Step 5: Set the internal IP to what you chose.
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How do I reset my Ubiquiti AP AC LR?

Restore to Factory Default Settings Press and hold the Reset button for more than five seconds. Alternatively, the UniFi AP may be reset remotely via a Reset button located on the bottom of the Gigabit PoE adapter.

How do I assign a static IP to UniFi AP?

For computer once in the UniFi Network app click on your AP. A slide out on the right hand side of the scree should show up. At the top click on the little gear then scroll down to network. Expand the network section and switch from DHCP to static and then fill out information.

How do I remove UniFi Cloud Key?

  1. Log into the KeyControl webGUI using an account with Cloud Admin privileges.
  2. In the top menu bar, click BYOK.
  3. Click the CloudKeys tab.
  4. Select the CloudKey that you want to remove from the cloud.
  5. Click Actions > Remove from Cloud.

How can I transfer Ubiquiti controller to another computer?

  1. Export the current site.
  2. Download the backup file.
  3. Import the site in your new controller.
  4. Confirm the migration in the OLD controller.
  5. Migrate the devices.
  6. Check the devices in the new Controller.
  7. Forget the devices in the old controller.

How do I restore a backup key from the cloud?

  1. Power on your Cloud Key.
  2. SSH into the IP address of Cloud Key.
  3. Browse to the /data folder.
  4. find your backups.
  5. Drag them from the key onto your Windows PC.
  6. Upload them, to help restore your config.

How do I restore UniFi Cloud Key from backup?

Method 1: Restore in the UniFi Network application Go to System Settings > Advanced and click the Restore in the “Restore Device” section. Select the necessary settings in the Restore Backup pop-up window: Select the device on the Device Selection drop-down field which you will restore from a backup.

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How do I get UniFi Cloud Key from Internet?

Log into your local UniFi Network application as usual. Navigate to System Settings > Administration. Turn the Enable Remote Access feature ON. Enter your Ubiquiti account credentials to Remote Access Portal credentials on the login request and select Enable Remote Access.

Is UniFi Cloud Key free?

We have decided to remove all pricing plans. That means exactly what it says — UNMS Cloud is now completely free of charge! We believe that having a reliable network and business management tool is crucial for any WISP.

Can I use UniFi AP without controller?

UniFi APs can run by themselves without the controller unless features like guest portal is enabled (as UniFi controller also functions as a captive portal). Restarting the controller won’t restart your APs.

Is the UniFi Cloud Key a router?

Ubiquiti | UniFi | Powerful IT networking, simplified. Enterprise-class router and security gateway with 10 Gbps SFP+ WAN, application visibility, VPN services, and 3.5 Gbps full threat management throughput. Fully managed switch with 10 Gbps SFP+ downlink and eight RJ45 GbE ports for scaling up.

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