How to buy internet xox?

MyXOX App. XOX Selfcare portal. Easy Menu: *150# > Option 4 > Choose Your Mobile Internet Plan. SMS “DATA FAT10/FATD1/FATW2” to 23388 or 22111.

Quick Answer, how do I buy data on XOX prepaid?

  1. Subscribe to XOX FAT DATA Plan: E.g : SMS DATA EXTRAFAT and send to 23388/22111.
  2. Withdraw From Season Pass Account: E.g : SMS DATA FAT10 and send to 23388/22111.
  3. Add on your data quota: E.g : Key in DATA< space >ADD< space >5GB and send to 23388/22111.
  4. Turn off the auto renewal function:

Additionally, how do I subscribe to XOX data plan? You can unsubscribe from your monthly internet plan by SMS DATA AR OFF to 23388 or 22111 to request stop data plan renewal. Or if you want to stop XOX prepaid data plan altogether immediately, SMS DATA END to 23388 or 22111.

Frequent question, how do I get free internet with XOX? Redeem your free internet through the ONEXOX Black app or dial USSD *150#. For YOODOO users, your free 1GB internet will be automatically credited into your account from 8am to 6pm every day!

Similarly, how do I reload XOX online? Welcome to XOX! STEP 1: Please key in the XOX number to top-up or pay. STEP 2: Please key in your email address for receipt delivery. STEP 3: Select or key in the top-up / payment amount.

  1. For 10GB/month : SMS DATA FAT10 and send to 23388/22111.
  2. For 5GB/month : SMS DATA FAT5 and send to 23388/22111.
  3. For 2GB/month : SMS DATA FAT2 and send to 23388/22111.
  4. For 1GB/month : SMS DATA FAT1 and send to 23388/22111.
  5. For 500MB/month : SMS DATA FAT500 and send to 23388/22111.
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Is Onexox and XOX same?

XOX Berhad (XOX MOBILE) is a mobile virtual network operator that provides mobile phone prepaid digital services in Malaysia. … XOX MOBILE launched ONEXOX BLACK in 2018 and (eSIM) in 2019.

What is Da and Ma in XOX?

The DA and MA are counters to store your credit in. … The credit in DA will be utilized first for all calls and SMS.

How do I get XOX 28 months validity?

  1. Get your ONEXOX Prepaid SIM Card registered and buy a Welcome Deal to enjoy 28 months validity.
  2. Choose preferred Welcome Deals and purchase via SMS within 10 days upon successful registration.

How do I activate XOX?

  1. Click on the New User Registration link.
  2. Key in your XOX mobile number.
  3. You will receive an activation code via SMS to your XOX mobile number.
  4. Upon receiving your activation code via SMS, key in the code to verify and register your Self-Care account.
  5. Fill in your details and clicks submit.

How do I find my XOX referral code?

Just go to the settings page, tap on ‘Referral Reward’ and go to ‘View History’. Any sign ups using the user’s Referral code will be shown on this page.

How do I change my XOX postpaid to prepaid?

How can I upgrade from ONEXOX Prepaid? Via SMS. Simply Send CHG[PLAN NAME] to 23388 or 22111. Before changing plan, please ensure you have enough credit in your account as prepayment will be deducted from your balance.

What is data buffet?

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Data Buffet is a robust, web-based platform to select, view, manipulate and automate delivery of data in a variety of formats. Data Buffet seamlessly integrates with Word, Excel and PowerPoint to automatically update and deliver the information you want, when you want it.

How do I cancel XOX black?

TERMINATION AND REFUND Subscribers may submit the request to terminate the service via XOX digital channels such as fill up the Termination Form ( or call XOX Customer Services.

What network does XOX use?

XOX has a revenue sharing agreement with Celcom in exchange for the use of the latter’s network, including both 2G and 3G platforms. As such, the company is able to offer a complete suite of mobile services, encompassing voice, SMS as well as mobile Internet.

What is XOX SIM?

XOX eSIM is an embedded SIM within a device, where information is updated wirelessly enabling you to subscribe to our services via online without the need of a physical SIM card!

How do I activate XOX prepaid?

  1. Go to XOX eSIM website. Choose your preferred plan – Prepaid or BLACK.
  2. Sign up (Prepaid and BLACK) / Port in (BLACK only) Fill in your required details and make payment!
  3. Scan the QR code sent to your email.

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