Frequent question: How to get internet speed on notification bar in mi a2?

Xiaomi allows you to view network speed in the notification bar which stock Androids don’t come with. To display network speed in the notification bar, Again go to Settings -> Notification & status bar. Turn on the slider Show connection speed.

You asked, how do I enable Internet speed on my status bar? According to Smartphone Manufacturer You don’t get many options here, you can just enable this feature from the settings and that’s it. Go to Settings > Notifications & Status Bar > enable Show Connection Speed.

As many you asked, how do I add speed to my notification bar?

Considering this, how do I change my notification bar on MI a2?

Beside above, how do I see data usage in notification bar? From your Android home screen, app drawer, or notification panel, tap the gear-shaped icon to open your device’s Settings menu. Step 2. Select “Connections” followed by “Data Usage” This will open the Data Usage screen. The screen will then display the overall amount of data used at the top and below in a graph.

How can I check my Internet speed in MI?

  1. Tap on Settings.
  2. Tap on Notifications & Control center.
  3. Tap on Status bar.
  4. Enable or disable Show connection speed.
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How can I check Internet speed on status bar without app in Mi Phone?

How do I check my Internet speed on my phone?

How do you check network speed?

  1. Connect to your computer to your router using an Ethernet cable.
  2. Open your web browser.
  3. Navigate to
  4. Tap “Go.”

How can I check my Internet speed status bar without Samsung app?

How can I increase my mobile Internet speed?

  1. Clear Cache. Cache memory fills up as the phone is used automatically, slowing down your Android phone.
  2. Uninstall Apps.
  3. An App That Increases Speed.
  4. Ad Blocker.
  5. Different Browser.
  6. Maximum Loading Data Option.
  7. Network Type.
  8. Off and On Again.

How can I check my mobile data speed on Android? for your Android Mobile and very similar to the Speed Test on your PC and iPhone. You can test the speed of the data connection you are using, whether it’s 3g, 4g, or Wi-Fi. Launch the app and select a city for the server you want to connect. After that, tap the “Go” button.

How do I get notifications on MI A2?

How do you customize MI A2?

  1. Quick Charge 4.0. The Mi A2 comes with a 3,000mAh battery that offers plenty of juice to last through a day.
  2. Mi Remote.
  3. Screenshot Gesture.
  4. Quick Access to Camera.
  5. Hidden Service Menu.
  6. Lock Apps.
  7. Customize Quick Settings.
  8. Increase/Decrease Display Density.

How can I check how much data I use a day?

  1. To view your data usage, tap Settings > Data. You can Set mobile data limit on this screen.
  2. For more detail, tap Settings > Connections > Data usage. Swipe up to see how much data your apps use, ordered from most to least.
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How do you check how much data I have used today?

To check your current month’s usage on your Android phone, go to Settings > Connections > Data Usage. The screen shows your billing period and the amount of cellular data you’ve used so far. You can also set a mobile data limit on this screen.

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