Frequent question: How to check internet speed in bsnl?

BSNL Speed Test portal can be used to check both download and upload speed in real time. BSNL’s FTTH, Broadband and Mobile customers can use the new BSNL Speed Test portal with ease. The URL of BSNL Speed Test portal is which can be accessed on any device.

You asked, how can I check my BSNL broadband speed?

  1. Choose best server near you from server list, as results may vary from server to server.
  2. Press start button.
  3. Your internet download and upload speed will be tested and results will be displayed.

Additionally, what is BSNL internet speed? Bandwidth (Download Speed) Upto 16 Mbps. Upto 24 Mbps.

Also the question is, why is my BSNL internet so slow? BSNL’s default DNS servers don’t come set with either Google DNS or OpenDNS, which in long run results slow internet speeds. Having said that, try to always set your default DNS gateway to either Google DNS or OpenDNS for good internet speeds. This is the most common error seen with BSNL broadband users.

Amazingly, how can I check my actual internet speed? All you need to do is visit a site such as and click Begin Test. The test will only take a couple of minutes to complete. Once it’s done you’ll know your ping rate, download and upload speeds. There are tens, maybe hundreds, of different sites that will test your internet connection.

  1. Find the IMEI Number of your Mobile handset by typing *#06# in dial pad. You will get 15 digit IMEI number, If two IMEI numbers you are getting, then use the first one only.
  2. Send SMS as KYM to 14422.
  3. Immediately you will get a reply to check for BSNL 4G compatibility of your mobile handset.

How is BSNL 4G speed?

When we observe the above bold figures, we can clearly observe that, EACH and EVERY BSNL data customer is getting 1Mbps speed, but when comes it to other private operator’s 4G network, TWENTY FIVE subscribers together getting 12Mbps 4G download speed, means that one user gets only 0.45Mbps speed in 4G network which is …

Does BSNL have 4G?

BSNL (Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited) finally has 4G connectivity. In a tweet, the Minister of Railways, Communications, Electronics and Information Technology, Ashwani Vaishnaw, said that he had made the first call via BSNL’s Indian 4G network.

How can I boost up my Internet speed?

  1. Test a Different Modem/Router. The biggest cause of slow internet is a bad modem.
  2. Turn Your Modem Off and On Again.
  3. Scan for Viruses.
  4. Check for On-System Interference.
  5. Use a Fast VPN.
  6. Move Your Router.
  7. Protect Your Wifi Network.
  8. Connect Via an Ethernet Cable.

How can I increase my BSNL fiber speed?

Through DNS: Either by altering open DNS or Google DNS settings you can increase the speed of the internet service, and to achieve this, go to network connections and check the properties tab and alter the open DNS IP address to enjoy the faster speed, and also BSNL allocates different DNS servers zone wise to address …

How can I activate 4G in BSNL?

  1. Step 1: Open the messaging app on your phone to send a message through your existing BSNL SIM card.
  2. Step 2: Type in the message in this format: RE4G .

How do I diagnose my internet speed?

Check Your Internet Package If your internet is working, but is working slower than expected, head to a site like and run a speed test. You’ll get a number in megabits per second denoting the speed your computer is actually experiencing.

Is 200 Mbps fast?

200 Mbps is fast enough for streaming 4K video to multiple devices, video calls with large groups, and working with large media files like video. When using a 200 Mbps internet plan, you’re more likely to have issues with the upload than the download rate.

Is 10mbps fast?

2-4 mbps: Enough for casual Web surfing, including checking email. … 6-10 mbps: Usually an excellent Web surfing experience. Generally quick enough to stream a 1080p (high-def) video. 10-20 mbps: More appropriate for a “super user” who wants a reliable experience to stream content and/or make fast downloads.

Does BSNL have VoLTE?

As per the latest information, BSNL Mobile customers in Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Chennai, Karnataka & Andhra Pradesh can enjoy VoLTE services with superior voice quality.

Which APN is best for BSNL?

  1. Name :BSNL. APN: Bsnlnet. Username: No change required. Password: No change required. IP Type: IPv4.
  2. APN: Bsnlnet. Username: Leave Empty. Password: Leave Empty.
  3. APN: Leave it. Username: Leave it. Password: Leave it.

What is BSNL balance check code?

The simplest way is to use the USSD code provided by the network. Open your phone’s calling app and dial *123#. You can also dial an alternative USSD code *124*1#. Instantly, you will receive a text message that will give you your BSNL balance information.

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