Frequent answer: How to get public ip address in laravel?

  1. public function getUserIpAddr(){
  2. $ipaddress = ”;
  3. if (isset($_SERVER[‘HTTP_CLIENT_IP’]))
  4. $ipaddress = $_SERVER[‘HTTP_CLIENT_IP’];
  5. else if(isset($_SERVER[‘HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR’]))
  6. $ipaddress = $_SERVER[‘HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR’];

Best answer for this question, how do I find my IP address in laravel? In laravel application, you can get IP address using Request ip, Request getClientIp and request helper function.

Correspondingly, how do I get my public IP address?

  1. Open a web browser (such as Chrome, Firefox, or any browser of your choice).
  2. Go to one of the following websites or any similar website: Either of these web pages detects and displays the public IP address of your network.

Furthermore, how can I get public IP address in PHP?

  1. $ip_address = gethostbyname(“”);
  2. echo “IP Address of Google is – “.
  3. echo “

You asked, can you find a public IP from a private IP? A few possible ways: Look at the output of ifconfig to see if a public IP address is listed. See if you’ve been given a public hostname that you can resolve to a public IP address. Run curl on the server, to get back your public IP address (or use other similar services).You can get result informations by simply call on the facade. // You can always get the result object from the facade if you wish to operate with it. BrowserDetect::detect(); // Will resolve and return with the ‘browser. result’ container. // Calls are mirrored to the result object for easier use.

How do I find my MAC address in laravel?

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To get the MAC address, pass the parameter ‘getmac’ which returns the MAC address of the client. ‘getmac’ is a CMD command to get the MAC address. To get the MAC address, we use exec() function. $macAddr = exec(‘getmac’);

How can I get public IP address from outside network?

  1. PC internal IP address: Look in Settings > Network & Internet > Status > View your network properties.
  2. Your public IP address (the router’s IP).
  3. Port number being mapped.
  4. Admin access to your router.

How do I find my public IP address Mac?

  1. Open System Preferences by clicking the Apple logo dropdown menu.
  2. Choose Network.
  3. Highlight the option on the left with a green dot. On the right, it should say Connected and show you the IP address right under.

How do I find my public IP address Windows?

To find your public IP address, simply type “what’s my IP address” into Bing (or any other browser). To find your local IP address for a device connected to your home network: Open a command prompt by typing “cmd” in the Start Menu, and press enter. Type “ipconfig” into the command prompt window, and press enter.

How do I find my nginx IP address?

  1. Run the following command to open the nginx.conf file: vi /path/server/nginx/conf/nginx.conf.
  2. Add new fields and information to the end of the following configuration information: Add the following information under http or server:
  3. Start Nginx.
  4. Obtain the actual IP address of the client from the Nginx access logs.

How do I get an IP address from a URL?

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Type the string “http://” followed by the IP address and then a forward slash. For example, type “http:// 209.191. 122.70/” (without the quotes).

How can I get IP address and store in database using PHP?

  1. Make a column in MySQL to store the ip address.
  2. Get the client’s IP Address.
  3. Store the IP in the database: $ip = getip(); $longip = ip2long($ip); $query = sprintf(“INSERT INTO table (ipaddr) VALUES (%s)”, $longip); @mysql_query($query, $link) or die(“Error inserting record: ” .

Which IP address is a public IP address?

A public IP address is an IP address that can be accessed directly over the internet and is assigned to your network router by your internet service provider (ISP). Your personal device also has a private IP that remains hidden when you connect to the internet through your router’s public IP.

Is 192.168 private or public?

Private IP Address is like 192.168. 11.50. Public IP Address is like 17.5.

How can we get browser details of clients machine PHP?

The get_browser() function in PHP is an inbuilt function that is used to tell the user about the browser’s capabilities. This function looks up the user’s browscap. ini file and returns the capabilities of the user’s browser.

How can I get browser in PHP?

PHP get_browser() Function echo $_SERVER[‘HTTP_USER_AGENT’]; $browser = get_browser(); print_r($browser);

How does laravel detect mobile devices?

  1. Install jessenger/ajent Package. We need to install jessenger/ajent composer package for getting user ajent value, so you can install using following command:
  2. Detect Is Mobile: Route::get(‘detect’, function()
  3. Detect Is Desktop:
  4. Detect Is Tablet:
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What is ORM in laravel?

Eloquent is an object relational mapper (ORM) that is included by default within the Laravel framework. An ORM is software that facilitates handling database records by representing data as objects, working as a layer of abstraction on top of the database engine used to store an application’s data.

How do I get the MAC address of an HTTP request?

MAC is a property of a TCP packet, and on HTTP level there’re no packets or MACs (for example, a single HTTP request might be assembled of several TCP packets). You could try using a packet sniffer (like WireShark) to capture TCP packets, and then analyze them to extract MACs and map them to HTTP requests.

How can I get public IP address in India?

  1. The other option to get a Static IP is through VPN India option.
  2. Using this option, you will get the same IP address (Static IP) every time you connect to the internet through an ISP in the world.
  3. Using VPN option, you remove the dependency over your ISP.

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