Fixed wireless Internet service eliminates the use of a phone line or a cable for service. It is an extremely popular choice in rural areas where cable lines do not make an entry. It utilizes transmitters to send and receive Internet signals that adhere to the stationary objects like poles, buildings, and towers.

Cellular Towers vs. Fixed Wireless Internet Transmitters

  • Hardwired into the Internet Service provider (ISP) network, one fixed wireless transmitter sends signals directly to the other
  • On the other hand, cell phone towers transmit signals in all directions within a particular radius
  • Comparatively, fixed wireless has lower latency than the mobile broadband delivered using cellular towers
Fixed Wireless Internet

What’s the Working Process of the Fixed Wireless Internet?

  • When you opt for a fixed wireless Internet provider in your area, firstly, the provider will set up a receiver on your house
  • Thereafter, the Receiver or antenna will then be connected to your Router by the means of a cable
  • Finally, the Receiver will convey with the nearest wireless base station and eventually offer you the access to the web via the router in your premises.

Benefits of Fixed Wireless Internet

  • Fixed wireless Internet almost works like the landline networks. The only difference being fixed wireless Internet uses wireless transmitters instead of using cables
  • You can save on, most importantly, some considerable up-front costs on the fixed wireless setup
  • Consequently, you also get a fast and dedicated connection, Because of the proximity of the wireless base stations, this technology can offer faster Internet speeds than the 4G, and that too with much lesser latency
  • Furthermore, most Internet Service providers (ISPs) currently make use of this cost-effective technology to widen their current service area

How Fixed Wireless Internet Differs from the Satellite Internet?

  • Satellite Internet is considered as one of the best alternatives to the DSL and Cable Internet in rural areas
  • Yet, some major differences exist between fixed wireless internet and Satellite Internet by way of their working process
  • A Satellite positioned much farther away from the receiver on your house, consequently, leads to high latency
  • On the other hand, the wireless base station located not more than 10 miles from your house leads to low latency and faster speeds from the fixed wireless Internet

Above allAre you a rural inhabitant? Look out for Satellite Internet if you don’t have Fixed Wireless Internet in your area

Best Fixed Wireless Internet Provider – Windstream

Choose Windstream Fixed Wireless Internet for reasons;

  • Windstream uses advanced digital microwave technology, Fixed wireless lowers the risk of costly fiber-cuts by offering typical land-based connections
  • Additionally, it offers high-bandwidth and Internet speeds up to 5 Gigabits per second*(*Speeds may vary according to availability)
  • Windstream Fixed Wireless, most importantly, offers true redundancy, Moreover, it popularly offers high network up-time, Additionally, Internet speeds range from 10 Mbps to 5 Gbps

Windstream Fixed Wireless – Availability

Rural availability is one of the biggest advantages of the Windstream Fixed Wireless Internet, Furthermore, recently, the company announced that it has more than 100 active fixed wireless sites across 25 markets around the state of Iowa, Moreover, Windstream also has expansion plans laid out throughout the state, Windstream corporation, likewise, carries out these deployments by the means of Connect America Fund(CAF) funding program

Windstream Fixed Wireless for your Business

For all inquiries pertaining to the fixed wireless internet availability, reach out to our experts at any time.

Get rid of downtime with almost 99% reliability and last-mile access when. integrated with diverse connect

Above all, don’t worry about network outages as Windstream Fixed wireless offers true network redundancy

Furthermore, ensure continuity in your business with strong, reliable Internet with speeds up to 5 Gbps

Finally, you can get 24/7 field technical support from Windstream in case of any technical glitches