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Overview of Fiber Internet

Fiber Internet is one of the fastest evolving technologies today. Fiber-optic cables filled with tiny filaments of glass or plastic – the width of human hair are used. These cables help transmit the coded signals in light pulses. Consequently, this is also what makes the fiber internet unique when compared to other internet services.

Fiber-optic cables operations

Light travels through the fiber-optic cables by rebounding off the walls. Core, which is the main middle part of the pipe, keeps light intact inside the pipe.

Safeguarding the core from outside is the cladding, which helps keeping light signals inside the core. Cladding possesses a low refractive index

3 unique attributes of Fiber-optic cables

Fiber-optic cables have become the vital medium of transmitting information over long distances because of these three advantages;

  • Lesser attenuation rate
  • Another attribute is that it works with almost no interference
  • Above all, users get a seamless experience due to higher bandwidths

Why is fiber internet so fast?

  • The speed of your internet primarily depends upon your infrastructure and the amount of data it can handle
  • Instead of electricity, fiber internet, in contrast, uses modulated light to transfer data
  • As a result, the bandwidth is high, unlike electricity that comes with physical limitations
  • Fiber internet connections are certainly much faster – at least 100 times faster than the copper
  • Furthermore, it can even work at speeds of up to 1 Gigabyte
  • Originally, DSL and Cable internet were introduced to handle only voice transmissions and hence their limitations
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Fiber to the Home(FTTH) deploys the direct connection to your home. A Direct connection means reduced bandwidth share, and a notable, reliable, and faster connection in your home. Fiber to the node(FTTN) deploys fiber cables to transmit data to a closer hub from then to be carried by DSL or Cable lines. FTTN renders shared connection which means slower speeds when compared to an FTTH connection

How Fiber Internet differs from other modes of Internet?

First of all, fiber-optic cables transport information over longer distances. Besides, Fiber optic cables can last up to 40 km without losing the signal strength which makes the fiber Internet a wiser option. Robust nature of fiber-optic lines against outside interference. Fiber lines can, even more, withstand 100-200 pounds of pressure

Best Fiber Internet Providers across the United States

Check the availability of fiber Internet in your area. Likewise, Choose an Internet plan from any one of the providers mentioned below

Frontier FiOS
CenturyLink Fiber
Windstream Kinetic GIG

Fiber Internet – Why we chose Frontier FiOS?

Excellent availability in Pacific Northwest. You can find its fiber-optic service in major cities like Washington, Oregon, and California. Frontier’s services have no data limits. Furthermore, New Frontier FiOS customers will enjoy a price-lock feature for 2 years and a free router. If you’re from West Coast of the United States, then Frontier FiOS might be the best Fiber Internet for you!

Cheap Fiber Internet plan

Simply FiOS 50/50 – Starting from $29.99/mo

  • Frontier FiOS
  • Speeds up to 50 Mbps
  • Price-lock for 24 months
  • Also, you get a 2-year contract
  • Customers can also avail of Visa Reward Cards of up to $100*
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Speeds of Frontier FiOS

  • Downloading media is super-fast
  • Streaming is clear and free of butters and interruptions
  • Allows seamless multiple user streaming
  • Get podcasts, sporting events, music, movies and much more
  • Accomplish online gaming even as you enjoy consistent speeds during peak traffics

Features Of Frontier Internet

Get these Frontier features along with Simply FiOS 50/50 Internet plan, Frontier’s Simply FiOS 50/50 Internet plan is the cheapest Fiber Internet plan in the market. Enjoy Frontier services and save dollars with a price-lock feature.

Two-year price lock guarantee
Cloud drive storage
Frontier Security suite
Frontier Spam Blocker


Why we chose Fiber CenturyLink Internet?

  • Enjoy same monthly price for as long as you use CenturyLink service at the same provided address (Price for Life Guarantee)
  • Ample downtime compensation– you’ll get credits for 1 day for every 30 minutes of service outage
  • Transparent service level agreement(SLA) terms in CenturyLink official site

It’s up to you! You can choose either a 2-year service contract or month-to-month plans

  • Finally, internet plans and more bundling options for big businesses as well as SMBs

Price for Life Fiber Internet plan from CenturyLink

Fiber Gigabit – Starting from $85/mo – Internet speeds up to 940 Mbps. Price for Life guarantee. Enjoy competitive Online Gaming

Speeds of Fiber Gigabit

Fiber Internet -Why we chose Windstream Kinetic GIG?

Windstream Kinetic GIG Internet is widely available across 16 states around the United States. The approximate uptime of the service is at almost 99% which indicates high reliability. Furthermore, Windstream refunds your money if you aren’t satisfied with their Internet service by the means of a 30-day money-back guarantee*. No-contract option

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Kinetic GIG Internet Plan

Kinetic GIG Internet – Starting from $55/mo


Internet speeds up to 1000 Mbps
No data caps
No Term contracts
Round the clock technical support from Windstream


What’s the most compelling factor about Fiber Internet?

Speed is the most compelling factor of the Fiber Internet. Multiple internet users, particularly, can’t find a better bandwidth than the Fiber Internet!

Get to know more about the availability of the Internet in your area.

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