Best DSL Internet Providers In USA

Overview of the Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) internet

Digital Subscriber Line, acronymed, is the DSL. It is extremely popular alongside the likes of Cable, Satellite, Fiber-optic internet. In this service, an identical phone-line is shared by your network and telephone service. There is no disruption in either of the services even though the phone-line and the network employ the same network connection. DSL internet mode is extensively used in the urban parts of the United States.

How does DSL Internet Work?

  • Users will require a phone wall jack on an existing telephone network to get high-speed bandwidth connection. Since DSL does not work within the telephone frequencies, you can use the internet simultaneously as you make phone calls
  • DSL is considered as the big brother of the dial up system. The existing telephone wiring system carries several frequencies out of which some are allocated for telephone and the others for the DSL, enabling them to work together

Benefits of DSL Internet connection

The following are the benefits of having a DSL connection. DSL is widely available because it is built on existing telephone lines. The service comes with a big coverage due to the already-present infrastructure. Additionally, DSL speeds are relatively higher compared to Dial-Up. Moreover, it costs relatively lesser than a broadband or satellite internet connection. Furthermore, installing and connecting to the DSL is very easy and simple. Also, note that there are more service providers so a customer can choose the best among the available plans

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DSL Internet Installation Methods

There are two ways of installing the DSL.

Initial requirements

Make sure all the required equipment is available

  • DSL Modem
  • Adequate power supply
  • DSL Filter(s)
  • The Ethernet Cable
  • Router either combined or separate
DSL Internet Installation Methods

Installation using combined Modem & router

Before you even begin the installation process, ensure that the computer is turned off. Install the DSL filters to the phones that will be on the same line as your modem. This is particularly to ensure that there no line interferences. Thereafter, plug the modem to an active electrical outlet. Then, attach the phone cord to the jack on the wall and the other end into the Wide Area Network or WAN Port. Use the Ethernet cable to plug into the Local Area Network Port. The other end of the cable will go to the device that enables web surfing and requires a high-speed internet for the purpose. Finally, follow instructions on the computer to set up your wireless when you turn it on

Accomplishing install with separate router and modem

All of the above steps remain the same, except that you will plug the phone cord to the modem and the wall jack. You will also connect the router and the modem through the WAN port present on the router. Turn your computer on to set up a wireless connection

Two types of DSL Internet Service methodology

DSL uses two systems in its operational technology

Symmetrical DSL or SDSL

  • Symmetrical connections offer equal bandwidth for upload and download speeds
  • Normally, symmetrical DSL connections are preferred in business and professions as they require both upload and download functions
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Asymmetrical DSL or ADSL

  • An asymmetrical connection has more download bandwidth and less upload bandwidth
  • Moreover, this technology is favored by households as they use the download option more when compared to upload
List of gadgets you would require to set-up a DSL connection

A DSL account

A unique DSL credentials of the user that is used for authenticating the DSL connection

A telephone line

A Telephone connection that connects the user to a telephone system

DSL Modem

Converts the data into a medium that can be transmitted


A router forwards the data packets between computer networks

An Ethernet cord

It is used to connect electronic devices with a LAN

DSL filter

installed among the analog devices, the DSL Filter is an analog low-pass filter and a plain old telephone service (POTS) line.


Best DSL Internet Plans In My Area

  • Famous service providers like CenturyLink, Windstream and Frontier offer DSL internet plans to subscribers
  • These plans are offered independently or in Bundles
  • An individual plan offers just the internet package, whereas, a bundle plan may offer internet, TV, and phone packages as well
  • According to your data consumption, you might cherry-pick the plan that would be appropriate for you
  • Data inclinations vary according to your usage
  • If you are using the internet for your business or profession you require more data and if you use it for personal use, the data requirement is comparatively lesser

Windstream DSL Internet Plans In USA

Windstream DSL is available in the 18 states of the US. The DSL plans of Windstream are as below.

Likewise, Windstream also offers bundle plans for its clientele. The internet, TV, and phone services are bundled together in these offerings

Frontier DSL Internet Plans In USA

Frontier provides DSL connectivity in the 29 states of the United States. Additionally, refer below for the Vantage Frontier’s DSL plans

Moreover, Frontier also offers the Simply Frontier DSL Plans

CenturyLink DSL Internet Plans In USA

35 states of the US have DSL CenturyLink DSL network connectivity. Moreover, the following are the CenturyLink DSL Plans.

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