Does cspire have home internet service?

The C Spire division provides exact appointment times, world-class customer service and over 99.99 percent reliability. … C Spire Fiber ranked as the fastest internet in Mississippi based on our rigorous analysis.

Also, what is C Spire smart WiFi? C Spire Smart WiFi delivers next-level control and whole-home coverage for full-speed C Spire Fiber internet in every room. ✔ Adaptive WiFi. ✔ Parental controls. ✔ Guest access.

People ask also, what network does Cspire use? C Spire’s infrastructure is based on a cell standard used by Verizon Wireless and Sprint Nextel, which now both have the iPhone, but it is not common in other countries. C Spire, formerly Cellular South, has a deal with Verizon so that customers who travel outside of its Mississippi home base can still make calls.

Likewise, does AT&T own Cspire? As per the filing, New Cingular Wireless PCS (an indirect wholly-owned subsidiary of AT&T Inc.) will buy the licences from C Spire’s Cellular South Licenses affiliate. …

Considering this, how much does Cspire cost? $35/mo. Price per line, includes AutoPay & paperless billing discount.

Is C Spire nationwide?

Where is C Spire Nationwide 5G available? Currently, we have active Nationwide 5G throughout the United States.

Does Cspire have hotspot?

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With the C Spire 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot, you can access the C Spire 4G LTE network, the nation’s only personalized 4G LTE network. The built-in Wi-Fi tethering function allows you to share up to 10 times faster than 3G connection with other Wi-Fi equipped devices such as laptops, tablets, smart phones, and more.

What is fiber internet?

Fiber broadband (sometimes called fiber internet) is an internet service that is powered by fiber optic cables. This is different from traditional cable internet, which transmits information by sending electricity over copper wires.

What does C-Spire mean?

-based company will be known as C Spire Wireless. The “C” stands for customer, chief executive officer Hu Meena said in a conference call today. “The customer is what inspires us, and we like the word inspired, so we put them together,” he explained.

Can I use a C-Spire phone with Verizon?

The phone is unlocked so can be used with any carrier. The phone is CDMA & GSM network compatible, so yes it should.

Does C-Spire charge for hotspot?

C Spire provides a user guide to activate your iPhone Wi-Fi Personal Hotspot to tether your phone to another Wi-Fi enabled device and share the phone’s data connection. The $20 tethering pass for 1GB applies to all types of attempted tethering. Tap Settings > General > Network: • Tap Personal Hotspot and turn it on.

How many people use CSpire?

From the early days with only nine employees, the family and employee-owned company has steadily grown into a diversified broadband, cloud and wireless communications firm with over 8,000 route miles of fiber, the fastest Internet access speeds, the nation’s best streaming pay TV service and nearly 1 million wireless …

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How many subscribers does C Spire have?

With nearly 1 million subscribers, the company continues to experience strong, steady growth in wireless, fiber and advanced technology services.

Is US Cellular same as C Spire?

Chicago-based U.S. Cellular is the fifth largest facilities-based wireless provider in the U.S. and C Spire, which is headquartered in Ridgeland, Mississippi, is the sixth-largest wireless carrier.

What is Cspire Real Deal plan?

The plan, called “The Real Deal,” comes with C Spire’s legendary, world-class customer service and offers consumers who enroll in autopay and paperless billing a $45 plan starting with the first line instead of AT&T and Verizon pricing that requires consumers to pay from $60 to $90 a month for one or two lines.

Does Cspire have on demand?

Cinemax On Demand(SM) delivers unlimited access to huge movies and exclusive premieres with the hottest stars. There are tons of titles per month — Hollywood hits, late-night series and more — plus a variety of themed movie nights. … Now there’s a way to get everything you love about Cinemax — online!

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