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Get the best out of your Windstream Cable service . Get Windstream Cable Internet along with DirecTV!. Save up to $5 off on your Windstream Internet when you Bundle

About Windstream Internet

  • Provides high speed broadband internet services
  • Windstream, to its residential customers, also offers Digital TV packages and phone services
  • Besides, the company also has some great deals for government agencies, small, medium and large enterprises
  • While providing internet services, the company, similarly, proffers diversified information technology services, as well
  • Windstream is currently available across 18 states nationwide and still growing

The new Kinetic GIG Internet

Committed to bring its customers the most advanced in technology and the highest service levels, Kinetic GIG is a new, improved and powerful product introduced by Windstream. Taking high speed internet services to a whole new level, Kinetic GIG works with an enhanced fiber-backed network. Consequently, users can enjoy downloads at lightning speeds. Users can, likewise, experience similar upload and download speeds. File transfer and streaming can now be faster than ever

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Features of Kinetic GIG

Kinetic GIG is available only in select markets, currently – making it one of the most advanced connectivity options. Besides, the service does come with a 30-day Money Back Guarantee* when you subscribe to a minimum speed of 20 Mbps

*Conditions Apply

Benefits of Windstream internet

Works best for those in rural areas and are looking for a DSL connection. Some of the best bundled services are available with Windstream. Avoid data caps at all costs

Windstream Internet Plans and Pricing~

~Prices indicated here are advertised costs. For discounted* rates, check with our agents

Bundles and Pricing~

  • Across all the plans, Windstream offers a phone bundle
  • Besides, there are additional plans that provide customers with increased savings
Get these Windstream Kinetic Preferred TV channels:
  • CNBC World
  • Tennis Channel
  • MTV 2
  • Nat Geo Wild
  • Disney Junior
  • Nick Jr

Windstream Internet

If you want Windstream Internet-only plans….

Windstream internet prices start from $19.99/mo and range up to $85/mo. Speeds ranging from 15 Mbps to 1000 Mbps. Windstream indexes no-contract option in most of its kinetic Internet plans.

How does Windstream Cable Internet Work?

Windstream Cable Internet utilizes coaxial cables to provide electrical signals. A cable Internet modem converts these signals so that they are comprehensible by the network. Moreover, the coaxial cables are compatible with offering higher bandwidth than the DSL Internet. Windstream Cable Internet is widely available and has low-cost plans than the Fiber-optic service.

Windstream Internet Equipment

Equipment fee of $9.99/mo applies while you procure Windstream Cable service

 Get the equipment (modem)

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 Technical support for it

 Replacement at no extra charge


Windstream Cable Internet lets you enjoy….

Online Gaming

Enjoy playing your favorite game with zero-lag, parallel upload and download speeds


Download an HD movie with Windstream Cable Internet in just 10 minutes

Web Browsing

Normal surfing activities, streaming high-quality music without any interruptions or lag

Cable TV

Get Cable TV along with the Internet and save spending more on the installation fee

Professional Installation


  • Check with a Windstream technician for a professional setup of the service. At the time of the installation individuals more than 18 years old must be present. The technician will install a new modem device. Thereafter, all wirings and connections will be checked. You will be notified if newer wiring is required. Finally, your email and username are setup and confirmation tests run to check internet connection working. One phone jack and 4 other peripheral devices are installed


  • A comprehensive installation, all of the above steps have to be performed. Besides, the complete Home DVR is set up along with additional Set Top boxes. Finally, the technician also provides a tutorial of the kinetic feature


Generally, the time taken for installation varies according to equipment, wiring, and environment. Nevertheless, high-speed internet that involves working outside may take up to 2 hours. When only inside work is involved, it could take only up to 1 hour. Kinetic installations take longer and can even go on up to 4 hours

#The above timings are only indicative

Support and information

Windstream Internet Services

  • To sign up for Windstream Internet, you have to first, enter the zip code in the field provided to check for availability in your area
  • As far as internet speeds are concerned you should be able to visualize at least 65% of your purchased plan
  • Test the hard-wired, ethernet connection for adequate speeds. Turn off all wireless and other devices temporarily and then turn them all on
  • After their calibration, check if speeds are optimum. Check the manufacturer’s manual if you have 1 GB connection but are not getting speeds of > 100 MB
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Call us to know more about Windstream Cable Internet plans


Geographic and administration confinements apply to AT&T administrations. Call to check whether you qualify.

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