Best answer: How to remotely shutdown a computer with ip-address mac?

  1. Open another Mac‘s terminal.
  2. Once the terminal or PuTTY launches, type in “ssh username@ipaddress”.
  3. When asked, provide the remote Mac’s user password.
  4. Next, type “sudo /sbin /shutdown now” if you want to shut down your Mac immediately and press “Return” or “Enter”.

Likewise, how do I shutdown someones Mac using their IP address?

Amazingly, how do I remotely shutdown a Mac?

  1. In Remote Desktop , select a computer list in the sidebar of the main window, select one or more computers, then choose Manage > Shut Down.
  2. Select the type of shutdown, then click Shut Down.

Additionally, how can I shutdown someones computer with their IP?

  1. Specify the name or IP address of the computer you want to shut down by clicking the Add button.
  2. Select Shutdown from the list of values under “What do you want these computers to do”.

As many you asked, how do I turn off power with IP address?

  1. Type shutdown -i in the run window.
  2. Click the “Add” button and type the name of the computer you want to shutdown or its IP address.
  3. You can select what you want the computer to do.
  4. In this mode, it’s necessary to add a comment. Do so.
  5. Press OK.
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Shut down machines remotely from any computer on the network by clicking the Start button in the lower-left corner of your screen, selecting “All Programs,” “Accessories” and then “Command Prompt.” Type “shutdown /i” (without the quotes) and press “Enter” to open the remote shutdown dialog box.

How do I access a remote computer even if it shuts down?

  1. You know that awkward situation when you need to tap into your remote computer but have forgotten to leave it running?
  2. Enable Wake-on-LAN in BIOS.
  3. (OR) Enable Wake-on-LAN in Windows.

Can I lock my Mac remotely?

Remotely lock your Mac with a passcode to help prevent unauthorized access. Tap Activate under Mark As Lost in the Find My app, or select Lock on You can display a custom message with your phone number on your missing device’s Lock screen in case someone finds your Mac.

Can I turn on my Mac remotely?

There no are programs that can turn on a computer remotely. If you could turn on a computer remotely that would be a huge security issue. If the iMac has been completely shut down, there is no way to turn it on remotely.

What is the CMD command to shutdown?

From an open command prompt window: type shutdown, followed by the option you wish to execute. To shut down your computer, type shutdown /s. To restart your computer, type shutdown /r. To log off your computer type shutdown /l.

How do I remotely restart a server by IP address?

Type shutdown /i command and click the OK button. Click the Add button. Enter the computer name or IP address of the remote computer. Click the OK button.

How do I access another computer on the same network using cmd?

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Use CMD to Access Another Computer Press the Windows key+r together to bring up Run, type “cmd” in the field, and press Enter. The command for the Remote Desktop connection app is “mstsc,” which you use to launch the program. You are then prompted for the computer’s name and your username.

How can I remotely shutdown my computer from anywhere with my smartphone?

Shutdown PC remotely over LAN If you want to shutdown a nearby PC that is connected to the same network as your smartphone, then all you need to do is install an app on your smartphone and its server on your PC. You can then send commands to shutdown, sleep or hibernate your PC from your smartphone.

How do I fix remote shutdown Access Denied?

If you get an ‘access denied’ error when attempting to shutdown, log off or reboot a Windows system from Device ManageR, first manually test whether Device ManageR’s host system can shutdown the target computer; then, if it can, run Device ManageR as an administrator with the host system’s username and password.

How do I send Ctrl Alt Del to Remote Desktop?

Press the “CTRL,” “ALT” and “END” keys at the same time while you are viewing the Remote Desktop window. This command executes the traditional CTRL+ALT+DEL command on the remote computer instead of on your local computer.

How do I wake up a computer remotely?

  1. Assign your computer a static IP.
  2. Configure port forwarding in your router to pass Port 9 to your PC’s new static IP.
  3. Turn on WOL (Wake on LAN) in your PC’s BIOS.
  4. Configure your network adapter’s power settings in Windows to allow it to wake the PC.

How can I remotely turn on my computer without WOL?

Set the Bios to power on after a power outage, when you leave the house put the switch in the off position via the administrative GUI. Then when you are out on the road or at a hotel etc, when you turn the ip switch back on your computer will power up. I would think buying a WOL NIC would be the cheaper solution.

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Can a locked Mac be unlocked?

After you have located your Macbook, you can unlock it with a passcode that you can get from Remember, your device passcode isn’t going to work anymore; you will want to make use of the passcode that you created when you locked it with the Find My passcode app.

What happens if you buy a stolen MacBook Pro?

If you buy a stolen MacBook and you were not aware that it was stolen, you will have to return it to the real owner, and you won’t be charged, but you would lose your money. If you knew that the MacBook was stolen and you still bought it, you would be considered an accessory to the crime.

Can a stolen MacBook be used?

Yes, unless you set a firmware password, they can format the device and use it.

What is remote management on Mac?

Remote Management is a feature in macOS which allows you to grant full access to another Mac to control it remotely. The way to setup Remote Management is similar to that of Screen Sharing and Remote Login.

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