Best answer: How to check gp internet balance by sms?

However customer can turn ON Auto Renewal feature after or during package activation. To turn ON auto renew option after package activation, SMS “ON” to 25000 or dial *121*3042#. Also customer can turn off Auto renew by sending SMS “OFF” to 25000 or dial*121*3043#. To check internet balance, please dial *121*1*4#.

Also the question is, how do I check my internet balance?

  1. Connect to internet key and open an internet browser.
  2. Type in 192.168. 1.1 in the search bar.
  3. Go to SMS and click on new.
  4. Send blank SMS to 16415.

Furthermore, how can I check MB of GP modem? Sahadath Hossain‎Grameenphone You can check the balance by typing “usage” and send it to 5000 number.

Frequent question, how can I check my GP balance online? @ Rafiqul Islam, To check any account balance, please dial *121*1*2 # and Internet Data Remaining Balance Dial *121*1*4#. You can also know about all your account balance from MYgp app’s homepage or dashboard.

Likewise, how do I check my remaining data? You can query your balance by dialing *550# and you will receive a message showing your current balance.Dial *1411*1# to check your Mobily Data Balance or Internet Balance.

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How can I get 1gb in GP?

  1. Dial *121*1*4# to know internet balance.
  2. After expiration (Volume or Validity) of every internet pack maximum PayGo charge will be 6.0875 Taka (inclusive VAT, SD & SC)
  3. Activation code: *121*3366#

How can I know my GP Sim is 4G?

How I can check my SIM is 4G enabled or not? Please dial *121*3232# to find out if your SIM is 4G enabled or not.

How can I know my last grameenphone recharge?

  1. GP minute check code, Dial: *1000*2# Or *121*4*3# Or *121*1*2#
  2. Check GP main balance, Code: *566#
  3. Show GP SMS Remaining, Dial: *566*2#
  4. GP minute balance code, Dial: *566*20#
  5. Other Operators BDT, Code: *566*15#
  6. WelcomeTune Balance, Code: *566*3#
  7. International SMS Code, Dial: *566*12#

How can I use GP app?

  1. Download from the App stores. First up, search for myGP on the App Store and download it to your mobile.
  2. Book a GP appointment. Click on the ‘Book Appointment’ button.
  3. Manage your medication. Taking regular medication?
  4. Track your health.
  5. View your personal medical records.

How can I check STC internet balance?

You can check your STC internet balance by dialing *888*5# on your mobile device and in response, your device’s screen will show the remaining data.

How can I check my Mobily Internet code?

Mobily provides exclusive offers to its valuable customers every day! Dial *6060# or call 1100 & press 1 to enjoy the best daily offer for you! Enjoy special deals everyday and personalised offers on recharge bonus, extra minutes & SMS, discounted data packages and international usage.

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How can I check my monthly usage in GP?

Grameenphone STAR can check the status: USSD: Dial *121*2# SMS: Type STAR & send to 29000 (FREE) MyGP App: Check your status in the MyGP dashboard anytime.

How can I check my balance in postpaid?

Alternatively, you can quickly check your postpaid balance by dialing the USSD code *142# directly from your phone app, free of charge.

How can I buy minute in GP?

  1. To avail this Talk Time offer, eligible customers will need to dial *121*4024#
  2. Customer will get 10 Minutes (GP- Any local operator)
  3. The validity of the Free Minutes will be 6 hours from the time of purchase.

How can I get 10 GB in GP?

10GB Internet Activation code: *121*3474# Offer applicable for all GP customers (Except Skitto)

How can I stop GP 29 TK Recharge offer?

After the expiry date, the card cannot be used for recharge. This date is printed on the scratch card. To stop the offer, dial *121*1003*1# For Postpaid customers, special tariff will not be applicable if they activates commitment plan after activating above special tariff offer.

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