Best answer: How to change ip address subnet mask default gateway?

  1. Click the IP Address tab.
  2. Click Specify an IP address.
  3. In the IP Address field, type 192.168.
  4. In the Subnet Mask field, type 255.255.
  5. In the New gateway field, type the router’s IP address (the factory default is 192.168.

Also know, how do I change my default gateway IP address?

  1. Go to Control Panel > System > Network > IPv4 > Default Gateway.
  2. Under Use the settings from, select an interface that QES will use as the default route.
  3. Add a static route. Click Static Route. The Static Route window opens. Specify an IP or subnet address.
  4. Click Apply.

Moreover, what is the IP address subnet mask and default gateway? The subnet mask splits the IP address into the host and network addresses, thereby defining which part of the IP address belongs to the device and which part belongs to the network. The device called a gateway or default gateway connects local devices to other networks.

Also the question is, how do I change my subnet mask?

  1. To specify a subnet mask for an interface, enter the following command: ifconfig interface_name netmask mask.
  2. To change the subnet mask for an interface that has been configured with a primary and an alias address, enter the following command for each IP address: ifconfig interface_name IP address netmask mask.
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Best answer for this question, can default gateway be on different subnet? No, you cannot. The gateway IP tells the system how to get to another subnet, and without it, packets won’t leave the current subnet. A computer only knows how to talk to the other computers that are directly connected on the same subnet.Once inside the router’s console, you need to look for and open LAN Setup. > On this interface, you can enable or disable the DHCP feature, and can configure all your LAN settings including the default gateway for your computers and other wireless devices that you connect to the router.

How do I change the default gateway in CMD?

  1. Click Start, click Run, type cmd in the Open box, and then click OK.
  2. Type route print, and then press ENTER to view the routing table.
  3. Type the following command, and then press ENTER route add mask gateway IP metric 30 if Interface number.

Is router IP address same as default gateway?

A default gateway IP address is an IP address that belongs to your network’s entry node. Since your router is most likely the entry node to your network, your router IP and default gateway IP are the same thing. It is also called a private IP address.

Is gateway and subnet mask the same?

A gateway IP refers to a device on a network which sends local network traffic to other networks. The subnet mask number helps to define the relationship between the host (computers, routers, switches, etc.) and the rest of the network.

How do I change my IP address and mask it?

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On the router’s web admin interface, look for an advanced settings category called LAN. In it, go to the LAN IP settings section or tab, and change the value of the Subnet Mask with the one you want. Click or tap on Apply, Save, or OK.

How do I change my IP address and subnet mask Windows 10?

Left-click Internet Protocol Version (TCP/IPv4) and click Properties. Select the Use the following IP address option. Enter your desired IP address and click in the Subnet Mask area, which should auto-complete. Click OK twice to apply the settings.

How do I find my default gateway and subnet mask?

  1. Type “ipconfig /all” and hit “Enter”.
  2. You should see a screen that looks similar to the one below this section.

Can two networks have the same gateway?

1.1 , it’s one possibility. You can choose anything in the range of 192.168. 1.1-255 as the default gateway. A subnet is a logical grouping of connected network devices.

Why do we need a default gateway?

You can’t get to the internet without one A default gateway makes it possible for devices in one network to communicate with devices in another network. If a computer, for example, requests a web page, the request goes through the default gateway before exiting the local network (LAN) to reach the internet.

Does every subnet need a router?

You don’t need a router. If you set the subnet mask on all of the PCs to be 255.255. 0.0, then they should all be able to ping each other. Basically, opening up the subnet mask puts all of the PCs on the same subnet, so a router isn’t needed.

How do I change my default gateway in Windows 10?

How do I log into my 192.168 1.1 IP address?

  1. Turn on your router and connect it to your computer with an Ethernet cable.
  2. Open your favorite web browser and type “” into the address bar.
  3. Enter the correct router login/password combination.
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What is the default gateway?

The default gateway is the path used to pass information when the device doesn’t know where the destination is. More directly, a default gateway is a router that connects your host to remote network segments. It’s the exit point for all the packets in your network that have destinations outside your network.

How do I get rid of a default gateway?

The, without changing anything, at the command line, type ROUTE PRINT and look for a route for 0.0. 0.0. It will be the default route (gateway). Remove it with the ROUTE DELETE 0.0.

What is my default gateway IP address?

Right-click the Start button then select Command Prompt. Step 2: On the Command Prompt window, enter “ipconfig” and press the [Enter]. The numbers indicated on the Default Gateway section is your router’s IP Address.

How do I find my default gateway IP address?

  1. Tap Settings.
  2. Tap Wi-Fi.
  3. Long tap your network connection.
  4. Tap Modify network.
  5. Tap Advanced options.
  6. Switch the IPv4 settings to Static.
  7. Find your gateway IP address listed next to Gateway.

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