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Unlimited food cuisines, underground pedestrian tunnel, world’s first dome stadium, medical facilities, and shopping malls. Yes, we are talking about the H-Town, Houston TX. The ‘fast-moving and highly-populous’ city is on the wish-list of many wanderlusts. And why shouldn’t it be? The above-mentioned amenities and its nightlife tempt travelers across the planet to pay a visit here. So moving on, we explain in detail the available internet providers in Houston TX. Read on to choose the right plan for you…

Types Of Internet Services In Houston TX

Houston is a busy and fast-moving city with oil, aerospace, medicine, economics, food industries, and whatnot. Therefore, it is likely to be connected to high-speed internet. And as expected, it is connected to all types of internet viz. cable, DSL, satellite, and fiber. Most of the ISPs like Centurylink, Frontier, provide DSL, cable and fiber internet services. Few also offer satellite internet. For example, Viasat.

Cable Internet

Cable internet is the cheapest source of internet. Despite its low price, it offers high-speed internet. The data transfers from the operator’s end through a coaxial cable to the modem and thereby to the PC via an ethernet cable.

Advantages Disadvantages
Separate line from a telephone line, need not pay a dial-up fee Also, it is faster than DSL and satellite internet Connectivity from anywhere and anytime Higher cost as it requires a skilled technician to set up Slow speed when many devices are connected

DSL Internet

Using your telephone line, you can get access to the DSL internet. The Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) works such that both the services are enjoyed without disrupting either the internet and voice connections.

Advantages Disadvantages
Requires a telephone line alone to connect. Cheaper than satellite and fiber internet Slower speeds when the distance from the center increases. Not as reliable as cable internet

Fiber Internet

The data is transmitted in the form of light signals via bundles of thin flexible glass fibers. The signals undergo multiple internal reflections before reaching the user end resulting in attenuation. However, it is only 3% of the information while it is 94% in copper wires.

Advantages Disadvantages
Very high-speed internet. Low attenuation. Unaffected by bad weather or interferences. Improved security, thus difficult to hack. High set up costs. Even minor damage may lead to loss of connection. Needs extreme care and maintenance.

Satellite Internet

It uses three dishes for transferring data to the user- one at the operator’s end, second dish in the space, and the third at the user’s end. The information required from the user reaches the satellite in the space and then to the provider’s hub. Signals track the same way to reach the user’s end where it gets converted into a readable format.

Advantages Disadvantages
Offers higher bandwidth. Doesn’t even require a telephone line. Around 10 to 25 times faster than the dial-up internet. Highly affected by bad weather. Presence of obstacle may affect connection and speed. More expensive than cable and DSL internet. Poor latency or delayed.

Internet Providers in Houston TX

Centurylink, Frontier, Viasat are some of the most renowned ISPs in the city of Houston TX. Their plans, speeds, and prices are given below.


  • Frontier provides some of the cheapest internet plans in Houston TX.
  • When comparing the speeds and prices with its competitors, you would conclude Frontier to be better.
  • They offer high-speed internet without draining much of your pockets.
  • Go through their internet plans in Houston TX.


Free Trial

Frontier Internet



Speeds of up to 6 Mbps

For social media and emails

Frontier Preferred Internet



Speeds of up to 25 Mbps

For social media, emails and photo sharing

Frontier Premium Internet



Speeds of up to 45 Mbps

For social media, emails, files sharing, multiple device connectivity


  • Surely you don’t want to pay more and more after every few months. That could be frustrating. Therefore, you can avail Centurylink’s Price for life plan and escape from those hefty bills.
  • Many internet service providers are available in the H-Town. However, this is a list of the best ones and the plans available. Hope this guide would help you choose the perfect plan for you.
  • If you have any queries regarding the internet providers in Houston TX, do contact our customer support team through the toll-free number on our portal.


Free Trial

Price for life plan



15 Mbps

For video streaming, downloading music, multiplayer gaming


  • No data caps and unlimited data usage surely attracts every netizen. This is what Viasat has to offer to its customers.



Free Trial

Unlimited Bronze 12



12 Mbps

For web usage

Unlimited Silver 25



25 Mbps

For file transfer, social media, and web usage

Unlimited Gold 30



30 Mbps

For content streaming, social media, web usage, faster file transfer

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