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DSL Internet Providers in my area

Broadband Internet delivered using digital subscriber line (DSL) is very familiar throughout the United States. There are high chances that you can find at least one DSL internet providers by address

DSL uses already in-use phone lines to deliver high-speed Internet to homes and businesses. Most importantly it’s 10 times faster than the old dial-up Internet.

Fixed Wireless Internet in my area

Transmitters play a vital role in Fixed Wireless Internet service. Most Fixed Wireless providers use wireless transmitters which curbs the up-front costs.

With continuous expansion, find the fixed wireless Internet providers at my address

Fixed Wireless gets better….

Satellite Internet

This Internet is pretty much available everywhere by the means of geosynchronous satellites in the space. The possibility is high that one can surely find satellite Internet availability by address

Satellite Internet doesn’t stop here…

Cable Internet

Copper Coaxial Cables are used to deliver the broadband Internet. As Cable Internet has over 80% availability throughout the United States, find the cable internet available at my address with just a call to us.

And on top of that it’s conventional Cable Internet…

Fiber Internet

By the means of Fiber-Optic lines, it delivers the fastest residential Internet in the United States. Fiber Internet is only available to 30% of the population despite its expanding activities.

Fiber Internet is much more…

Quick Facts

Here are the choices of the American population according to statistics

ISP usage

  • 92% choose DSL
  • 95% opt for cable
  • About 10% choose Fiber
  • Finally,97% choose satellite

Best Internet Service Providers

Frontier Internet

Best Cheap Internet plans

Price Guarantee for 2-years

Service coverage = 38 states

CenturyLink Internet

Best Business Internet

Downtime compensation

2 Users Free

Windstream Internet

Best Kinetic GIG Internet

30-day money back guarantee

2 Service coverage = 40 states

Viasat Internet

Best Satellite Internet

Price lock for 2-years

Service coverage = 50 states

Download Speeds  –  The Pace at which your Internet connection can collect data from the Internet!

Overview of the Best Internet Providers

*Speeds and Price may vary by location

Quick Facts

Zip Code stats

  • Maximum Internet speed available by any zip code ranges between 100 Mbps to 1 Gbps
  • 57% of the Americans receive speeds between 100 Mbps to 1 Gbps
  • 85% have broadband internet access with speeds of up to or more than 25Mbps
  • Internet availability – 2 or more wired providers are available across 88% of the zip codes
  • Furthermore, at least 3 or more providers are present across at least 56% of the zip codes
  • Finally, 4 or more providers are available at 19% of the zip codes and 5 or more are present at 5% of the zip codes

How to determine the speed requirement for me?

Speed requirements for your household depend on various factors like your type of Online activity, and the number of Wi-Fi connected devices in your home

Speed requirements for basic Online activities

  • Email checking and web surfing: 1-5 Mbps speeds
  • HD Video streaming: 15-25 Mbps download speeds
  • Online Gaming: 40-100 download speeds
  • 4K video streaming: 150+ Mbps speeds

Upload Speeds – The Pace at which your device can send data back to the Internet

What is the minimum speed required for a modern household?

  • If you’re a normal data user, we suggest the basic Internet speed of 25 Mbps. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) recommends 25 Mbps as the minimum speed for most modern households
  • If you do like to specialize Internet for activities like streaming and competitive Online Gaming, procure Internet plans with speeds above 50 Mbps
  • Mind you! Smart connected homes do require consistent speeds of over 50 Mbps

What are rural Internet options?

Internet options for rural areas are available but is scarce. Find the best rural internet in my area

  • Viasat offer high-speed satellite Internet to more than 90% of the rural areas starting from 25 Mbps Internet speeds
  • Windstream offers cable Internet to over 25% of the rural areas with speeds starting from 15 Mbps
  • Frontier offers high-speed DSL Internet to more than 40% of the rural areas with speeds starting from 6 Mbps

We compared, analyzed and listed out these cities with Fastest Download speeds!

We have used the free Online speed test tool to carry out speed tests. These results might vary anytime due to various factors like latency, network congestion, etc.

Disclaimer : We are authorized dealers of Viasat, Frontier, Windstream and CenturyLink . All the Users are suggested to go through our website terms and Conditions, and our Privacy Policy before using the site.

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